Lip Rush

20 years ago Lip Rush surged onto the scene in 2001 and offered the most far-out lava lamp lip glosses and flavors anyone ever imagined. The Lip Rush range offered 8 groovy flavors and colors to match an electric rainbow, making playing with your lip gloss that more fun!

Raspberry Rage







Wildberry Wave 

I remember first seeing this ad for Lip Rush in my Teen People magazine then making a mad dash to my local Meijer store where they were already hanging in their own side cap displayer. The first flavor I bought was Ice since Bonne Bell literally perfected mint flavors and then of course owned all the flavors shortly after. The packaging for these were just perfection all on their own. The holographic laser card was enough to fawn over from a mile away. (Yes, I saved them!)

Each flavor has their own ‘A rush of real...’ description on it, and helpful for the flavors you weren’t quite sure of like Juice (Pineapple Juice) and Ice (Mint). Juice was so addicting and smelled and tasted like freshly squeeze pineapple juice. Seriously, I’ve still not smelled a pineapple flavor this perfect since! All the flavors were so intense too making it an extra cool sensory experience. The formula itself was pretty thin and more of a lip oil, long before that craze hit.

The colorful tubes also had a sticker on the bottom with their respective flavor names. You can see that a few on mine below fell off over the years. 

 Lip Rush was on store shelves until around 2005. In this time the tube design also changed ever so slightly in typical Bonne Bell fashion. They changed the clear wand to match the color of the lava and caps. They eventually added a cute lava drip print around the top of the tube as well. Even the blister card became smaller and lost its hologram luster. I'm very grateful mine have held up so well over the years since they're so mesmorizing to look at.

Splashberry(s) and Raspberry Rage Lip Rush packaging design evolution 

A double dose of Sugar Lip Rush designs  

It took me years to notice this small detail, but notice how the first editions of Lip Rush donned a retro looking BB logo? It’s almost like they designed it specifically to look like their 70’s & 80’s logo but inside their block logo of the later 90’s. Love the homage and Easter egg!

The Lip Rush collection was one of the few Bonne Bell glosses of the new millenium to get the special Holiday collection treatment with exciting new Holiday flavor additions to oogle over. These only came twice for Holiday 2002 then Holiday 2003.


Holiday 2002 flavors:
Berry Slush
   Too Fruity Freeze
Strawberry Snowglobe

The added dose of glitter to these made them like a fun whimsical flurry of a lava lamp and snowglobe fusion. The flavors were all brand new and so tasty! The collector's tin was stunning as well with the cute "Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine" theme, snowflake designs and the Bonne Bell logo stamped on it.

The even rarer Holiday 2003 Lip Rush trio collection donned special frosted caps and dual colors in the tube. These also had the added gorgeous glitter to give lips that snowglobe sparkle! The flavors were just as magical in this set too! Peep the Strawberry Kiwi Slush sticker that actually says Strawberry Kiwi Crush. A rare one-off occurrence for sure.


Holiday 2003 flavors:

Cotton Candy Snowcone

Strawberry Kiwi Slush

Melon Berry Squeeze 

Just after the original Lip Rush surge, Bonne Bell created other fun lava-like lip glosses in the Smackers range like Whirlin' Roll-On, Candy Gloss, F'lip Juicees and then later Lip Rush but Smackers style. You're bound to see these collections here in the land of BB wonderment down the road so stay tuned!


  1. This stuff is the best! They need a comeback!

    1. OMG I TOTALLY AGREE! AND the lip shake and lip lites need a comeback as well! :)

  2. I loved the sugar one! They need to come back! I’ve never found a gloss I liked as much!

  3. Omg I would drink these at my desk in middle school. I'm so embarrassed to admit that. I'm so happy you posted about them I thought I made these up!


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