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Pink ‘n Pretty Colors palette

  The vivacious Pink 'n Pretty Colors face palette blossomed for Spring 1984. 40 years ago the full face palette with the heart of the 1980's launched into the decade of excess. Pink 'n Pretty might sound like a John Hughes flick but Bonne Bell was always ahead of the curve, launching this two years before the iconic movie with a like sounding name debuted. Molly Ringwald had to have owned this, right ?! Look at the beautiful packaging housing the palette, very ahead of its time!  "The Pink 'n Pretty Colors are a color-coordinated collection of five powder eyeshadows, 2 powder blushers, and a kohl pencil plus applicators." Front of palette closed The outer case was perfectly pink and so 80's chic! Almost understated for the decade of extravagance.  Back  of palette closed ( made in Italy is interesting! ) The color scheme was right on trend for 1984, so much so the perfectly purple shadow on the right end  could have been named Purple Rain, which debuted

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