Flip Gloss

Bonne Bell Flip Gloss Shimmers ad, 2001.

Flip Gloss debuted for the new millennium in January 2000 in eight luscious, flipping amazing flavors! I, with the rest of the world, miss Bonne Bell's slick masterpiece, especially my favorite Green Apple Spritz. It was the perfect green apple flavor, one I have not found another exactly alike since. It smelled like an exact dupe of a green apple Jolly Rancher and was so refreshing. Not to be mistaken for a lighter, it fit right in your pocket and you only needed one hand to apply with just a simple flick of the lever on the side.

Flip Gloss:
Green Apple Spritz
Pacific Pineapple Kiwi 
Caribbean Cooler
Strawberry Breeze
Triple Berry Cocktail
Blueberry Splash
Black Raspberry Ripple
Vanilla Frost

Green Apple Spritz Flip Gloss


In 2001, Flip Gloss Shimmers arrived in eight new shimmering flavors, rounding out a total of 16 flavors in the Flip Gloss family. 

Flip Gloss Shimmers:
Cherry Zinger
Watermelon Wave
Grape Gusher
Tangerine Dream
Sparkling Pear
Shimmering Mint
Rocket Pop
Lemon Lime Spritzer

Rocket Pop Flip Gloss Shimmers

Cherry Zinger, Tangerine Dream and Watermelon Wave Flip Gloss Shimmers


  1. Wasn't there another Flip Gloss type shimmer line later on in the 2000's? I remember having the berry, watermelon, strawberry, and vanilla ones from that line.

    1. Yes, it was called Flip Style. My favorite was Donut You Love It? It was a glazed donut flavor. They were actually tinted. They also had Flip Shades before Flip Gloss. Full color, flavored flip lipsticks. Around the same time as Flip Style they did a Smackers Flip Gloss. Not quite as inventive flavor-wise as the original. They were also all shimmery like the regular Lip Smacker Shimmers

  2. Yeah, there were. Two different ones, in fact. Bonne Bell renamed theirs to Flip Style, while Smackers kept the Flip Gloss name. The Smackers version was definitely meant for kids, while the Bonne Bell version was meant for teens/young adults with a more pronounced tint to them. Good stuff :)

  3. Can we please bring all of these back!! Its the only think i can stand to have on my lips other than chapstick

    1. I agree! The good news is the Bell family, the original owners who created all of these glorious Bonne Bell products, are still around and making skincare under their Formula 10.0.6 line. Even though they sold off the Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker names in 2015, it doesn't hurt to give them a little encouragement and let them know you miss some of their original products ;).

  4. I have been using variations of Strawberry Kiwi Comet, Magical Glow Berry, etc for 20 + years. I have always bought in bulk but I am down to my last couple tubes as I cant find ANYTHING similar anymore, and I have emailed Lip Smacker and they keep telling me they arent making it anymore! Does anyone have any ideas for me?? Im begging! :)

    1. Hi Becky! I feel your pain and love Bonne Bell's Strawberry Kiwi Comet formula too. Unfortunately I don't know anything currently made that's similar, it was definitely one of a kind. It may be worth a shot to email the original Aspire Brands/Bonne Bell company (they're still around!) who originally created it to see if they can help. Their email is formula1006@aspire-brands.com

  5. I never had any of these. Man they sure look fantastic. I'd love to have these now as an adult.

  6. yes I loved these ! I actually was thinking of writing a blog about these . I had the bonne bell one and the lip smackers edition too . I think the first one I had was watermelon


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