Strawberry Lip Smackers Forever

    May of 1973 brought us our first and favorite Lip Smacker, Strawberry. Interestingly enough, May is also now National Strawberry Month. What better way to celebrate than to pay tribute to all of the amazing strawberry flavors Lip Smackers has graced our lips with over the years. There are so many amazing strawberry concoctions that I want to hear your favorite!  I also created a poll to see which new strawberry flavors you'd loved to see Lip Smacker make (scroll to the bottom of the page to vote) to carry on the strawberry tradition. I'd love a strawberry licorice flavor that smells exactly like strawberry Twizzlers (hint, hint)! Since my last post on the iconic strawberry flavor, there have been quite a few more strawberry faves added to the flavor line-up. One of my personal favorites, Strawberry Cotton Candy is one of them! A super sweet and sugary-spun strawberry flavor, the best of two amazing flavors together. Strawberry Kiwi will always be near and dear to my heart, as I know it is for most, and needs to comeback pronto! Who am I kidding though, I'd be happy with any strawberry Lip Smacker since they're all done so well. The more, the merrier!


  1. What do you think of strawberry limeade? Also, I really want a strawberry lemonade and strawberry mint flavor!

    1. They had a Strawberry Limeade in the Squeezy collection that came out over a decade ago that I always hoped would come out in an original Lip Smacker, but it never did or still hasn't shall I say. The gloss was amazing though! Although Strawberry Lemonade came in the Luscious collection, I do agree one needs to come in original form. I've always wondered why they never did a Strawberry Candy Cane for the holidays, but it would have to be the old super minty candy cane formula they'd need to pair it with to make me love it!

    2. I think that strawberry lemonade one should be reformulated and have the lemon scent found in flavors such as pink lemonade, lemon Skittles, etc. The lemon flavor they've been using (like the frozen lemonade flavor) isn't that good in my opinion and they need to stop using it.

    3. I couldn't agree more with this, Renee! I'm not a fan of the lemon flavor they've used for every lemon lately aka Frozen Lemonade, Evily Delicious Punch, Icy Pop, Sour Lemon. It's fitting for Frozen Lemonade, but that's it. I myself love the Lemon Drop/Lemon Square/Pink Lemonade Lip Smackers. Hate to break the news but I just recently purchased the Skittles trio with the new updated wraps and they changed Lemon to the 'Frozen Lemonade' type we both dread.

    4. I'm so glad I didn't buy it!


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