Butterscotch Topaz

Butterscotch Topaz dazzled onto the scene in 2000 alongside eleven other jewel-licious flavors. I immediately fell in love with Butterscotch Topaz (and of course every other Jewel Lip Smacker!) but Butterscotch Topaz remained my number one favorite! An authentic butterscotch disc flavor- just like the old fashioned candy! So sweet, so buttery and so superb! 

After the Jewel Lip Smackers were discontinued, I hoped for years Bonne Bell would bring it back, even as an original Lip Smacker. Not until holiday 2012 a butterscotch flavor appeared sporting a Beauty and the Beast label, but the flavor missed the mark. It was a caramel flavor in disguise (which I love caramel flavors) not the distinct butterscotch I came to love with Butterscotch Topaz. Fast forward to last holiday 2015 when Butterscotch reappeared and so did the amazing familiar formula I waited years for! It's a little lighter than Butterscotch Topaz but VERY similar. 

Like all Jewel Lip Smackers, Butterscotch Topaz had its own nail polish in the Jewel Nails collection that smelled as yummy as its namesake when the polish dried down. 

The Butterscotch Topaz Jewel Nails shade is a gorgeous multi-faceted golden topaz shade with a stunning pink prism pearl shift and multi-color glitter reflects. Just like the Lip Smackers the Jewel Nails line also had the matching jewel on top!



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