Tsum-thing Sweet

     As an old school Lip Smacker devotee, I must say the Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Smackers are pretty cute, and are a perfect fit for their partnership, moreso than the regular Disney Lip Smackers. Four new Tsum Tsums join the first four flavors- Minnie Strawberry Lollipop, Mickey Marshmallow Pop, Pooh Honey Pot and Stitch Blueberry Wave. Welcome the adorable Dumbo, Marie, Tigger and Donald Duck! These are made in the USA 'from foreign and domestic parts'. I'm guessing the balm part is filled in the USA and the character part/packaging is made in China.

As far as authenticity of flavors, I was really looking forward to Dumbo's Peanut Butter Shake. I must say it does not smell like a peanut butter shake unfortunately, more like salted caramel and peanuts is the best way to describe it. Not a smooth and creamy peanut butter like the Peanut Butter Girl Scout Cookie Lip Smacker flavor. Donald's Jelly Quackers is just like the Chilled Cranberry Grape from the Frozen Smackers, with an added bakery note for the cracker part. Tigger's Bouncy Bubble Gum is similar to the Easter Bubble Gum Eggs and I even catch a whiff of original Bubble Gum, almost as if they mixed the two. Marie's Love in Pear-y is a nice mellow pear flavor, not similar to past pear Lip Smacker flavors but still good. I know these are more a novelty but I feel like they could of put more effort into some of the flavors. 


  1. I was hoping the Marie one would smell like the share a pear flavor from the 2009 holiday collection, but thanks for clarifying that it doesn't smell like that. :(

  2. where did you buy these? I have been looking online and cannot find them anywhere.


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