Merry Cherry Candy Cane

   The Merry Cherry Candy Cane Lip Smacker swirled into the holiday 2002 Lip Smacker collection along with five other flavors. Merry Cherry Candy Cane was my instant favorite and I still think about this unique flavor every holiday. This still smells really strong and has the most refreshing and delicious cherry peppermint flavor. The formula is a light peachy-red and it has that strong cooling peppermint tingle we all reminisce over. There are no Lip Smackers that have been made since that smell like this or resemble this formula whatsoever. I have so many great memories of this flavor and love everything about Merry Cherry Candy Cane down to the beautiful label design.


  1. This is one of my absolute favorites as well! I want them to re-make this one sooo badly. The smell is an instant nostalgia trip.


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