Orange Sherbet

The Orange Sherbet Lip Smacker was first scooped into the Lip Smacker flavor family in 1978 and quickly became a classic! The incredibly authentic creamy treat smells just like an orange sherbet Flintstones Push-Up pop but luckily lasts a lot longer. Interesting enough, Orange Sherbet was one of the few Lip Smackers from the original 1970's line that didn't come in the standard .60 oz. Biggy size, only in the smaller .14 oz. size.

Orange Sherbet reappeared as Orange Sh-Orbit in the 1990's Cosmic Lips line with an added shimmer but had the same spot-on, creamy orange sherbet flavor. It was featured as a single and also available in the trio and six piece sets. Around 2004 the Cosmic line got an update and Orange Sh-Orbit was changed back to just Orange Sherbet and featured a new label design. It wasn't until 2013 for Lip Smackers 40th Birthday, that Bonne Bell announced the return of Orange Sherbet with a stunning retro wrap and script.

 In 2015 Orange Sh-Orbit resurfaced in the limited edition 1990s trio alongside Stellar Strawberry and Moon Rock Candy but smelled a little different than the familiar formula, moreso just plain orange sadly. Luckily enough Bonne Bell repromoted the 2013 Orange Sherbet enough there was plenty of the original formula to go around. 

Updated: 12/10/19


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