Cider Smackers

Let me introduce to you the only cider flavored Lip Smackers in existence! Fresh Apple Cider debuted in the Back to School Lip Refreshment six piece collection in fall 2006. Not long after, my favorite, Apple Cranberry Cider made a brief but unforgettable appearance in the Holiday 2007 collection (can't believe that was 10 years ago!). Halloween 2008 brought us Apple Cider and later on for Holiday 2014, Bonne Bell's last official Lip Smacker holiday collection, Caramel Cider appeared in the Holiday Favorites beverage tin and was repromoted again in a different wrap for Holiday 2015.

Fresh Apple Cider and Apple Cider have an identical scent and flavor. It also reminds me of the Apple Lip Smacker that was around through the 1990s collection. I don't really get any cinnamon or spice notes in this but it is a nostalgic smell nonetheless. To me it smells like a red apple peel more than anything. 

Apple Cranberry Cider has been a staple of mine since it's release. It invokes a warm and luscious spiced apple with a tart cranberry counterpart, both very well balanced. Reminds of enjoying mulled spiced wine with friends on a cool, crisp fall evening. I have no idea why this was never released again. 

Caramel Cider has a beautiful deep golden brown stick and starts off a sweet caramel scent, a lot lighter than other caramel Lip Smackers. The apple cider comes through very well and both are balanced. I'd say the caramel to apple cider ratio is 60/40, overall a unique flavor. This is definitely different than the Caramel Apple Lip Smacker as Caramel Apple has a stronger caramel scent and a sour apple finish rather than apple cider. I'd say the caramel to sour apple ratio in CA is 70/30. I love the 2014 label on this too, it has those vintage candy sticks that you get at candy stores and fudge shops swirled around the tube and the details of the font and candy sticks are raised making it feel very well detailed and more special. Both Caramel Ciders are the same exact flavor and formula.


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