Orange Chocolate

Orange Chocolate is arguably one of the first three Lip Smacker flavors Bonne Bell launched in 1973. I've read many articles over the years that have said Strawberry, Green Apple and Orange Chocolate were the first three flavors and others that have said Strawberry, Green Apple and Lemon were.
  Either way, Orange Chocolate was a superstar Smacker! With its classic screw cap the early 70's Smackers had, flavors like Orange Chocolate really show the creative genius' of Bonne Bell's marketing team who concocted up many delicious recipes like this. Over the decades Bonne Bell released a few iconic fruit and chocolate blended flavors that were all done incredibly well and blended with expertise; Orange Chocolate being their first is no exception.

Luckily my Orange Chocolate still has its scrumptious scent intact; a tantalizing blend of orange and chocolate. The smooth chocolate part mellows down any tartness orange usually tickles the nose with into a more sugared sweet orange. It smells very much like an Orange Tootsie Roll Pop which were very popular when this flavor premiered in 1973. The balm itself is a sheer deeper orange shade. I'm not sure why this flavor never made a comeback with Bonne Bell but it's a special one that deserves its rightful spot in the original line-up.


  1. When Bonnie Bell first launched Lip Smackers, I bought the jumbo orange chocolate, my favorite flavor combo to this day. Try orange sherbert and chocolate brownie ice cream. :-) I wish I still had it along with my original Yardley pot o gloss. Thanks for the memories.


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