Lippy Pals

Lippy Pals were introduced at the beginning of this year starting off with five cute and cuddly critters in delectable flavors. One of the first products that I can say seems very Bonne Bell of the new owners to do making them review worthy. I know most remember the deeply adored Pet Pals Lip Smackers from the Smackers Friendship Collectibles and these remind me of them immediately. How cute would it be to see some old friends make an appearance like Muffin the Monkey, Arctic the Polar Bear, Cupcake the Cat and Sweet the Dog in the Lippy Pal format?

Four more furry flavor friends are hitting stores as we speak bringing this collection to a total of nine Lippy Pals and I'm hoping to see many more down the line. Not only are the the flavors done well but the details on each animal are so cute. The ears, eyes, noses and tails add unique characteristics to each cutie. I also LOVE the Candyland theme on the blistered packaging!

Since these seemed novelty I wasn't sure what to expect from the formula but am happy to say it's very nice, glossy and moisturizing. It feels thick in a good way and very cushy and leaves lips feeling hydrated and happy. This is a true gloss stick and I have to admit I've been reaching for these more and more. 

Panda- Cuddly Cream Puff: This smells exactly like a puffy pastry even down to the whipped cream. It smells exactly like the Cream Puff Lip Smacker from holiday 2005 and it was so nice to smell something familiar. Love this one!

Cat-Water-meow-lon: Smells exactly like the original Watermelon Lip Smacker, which to me is one of the truest watermelon flavors I've ever come across. You can even smell the rind. 

Bunny- Hoppy Carrot Cake: I was really looking forward to this one but upon opening and using it a few times, this is just their gingerbread flavor, NOT carrot cake. I wish they would of tried harder on this one. It's good, just NOT carrot cake. I can kind of see gingerbread being in the same flavor family as carrot cake but the ginger it this is too strong to be a believable carrot cake flavor.

Unicorn- Unicorn Magic: I know many were disappointed since the balm color on the package of this is rainbow but the actual color of the balm is a pinky lavender shade which is false advertising so I get the frustration. Based on the cupcakes and ice cream on the package I was expecting this to be a sugary sweet cotton candy cupcake frosting-like flavor or even better, the return of long-gone favorite Cotton Candy Cake, but instead is a fruity tart flavor. It's the same flavor as the 2017 Tastemaker Unicorn Froyo, which I believe is a dragonfruit, strawberry and blueberry frozen yogurt flavor. 

Fox- Foxy Apple: Another flavor I was looking forward to, a plain red delicious apple flavor, that are very rare with Lip Smacker. I can say this is a NEW flavor and isn't Candy Apple which I thought they'd recycle for this. To me, it's a floral apple and to be honest reminds me of Bath & Body Works Plumeria fragrance if you've ever had it. They could of done better with this flavor but it's not terrible by any means and the fox is so cute.

Koala-Pina Koala: Besides the adorable name, this is a true pina colada flavor and smells exactly like other LS Pina Colada's of the past.  

Bear-Hibernate & S'more: Another cute name since bears are known to snore during hibernation. At first I get a strong toasted graham cracker and then gooey marshmallow and soft chocolate. This is my probably my favorite s'mores formula they've done, although very similar to other s'mores Smackers formulas, this one has all the right flavors balanced.

Raccoon-Boysenberry Bandit: We haven't had a boysenberry flavor since the beloved Boysenberry Ruby Jewel Lips, so I was happy to see this flavor. This is very different from Boysenberry Ruby but still smells just like a juicy boysenberry. 

Monkey-Swinging Banana Split: I like this version of banana split, you get a sweet banana followed with a soft chocolate fudge but I do not smell any strawberry. It still smells like a believable banana split and reminds me of a sweeter version of the Chocolate Dipped Banana Lip Smacker.

Overall I really like the Lippy Pals and hope to see many more cute animal friends and new flavors in this collection. I already imagined some others for fall like an Owl flavor in Hoot Apple Pie, a Squirrel in Maple Nut (bring back this flavor already!), a black cat in Sweet (black) Lick-o-rice and a Deer in Cookie Dough 😉. 


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