Lemon Cola

Lemon Cola launched 40 years ago in April 1978 and fit right in with Bonne Bell’s other iconic soda pop Smackers. A soda fountain favorite with a twist of lemon, Lemon Cola’s design and decorative goldenrod cursive font contrasts beautifully with the cola brown tube and reflect the drinks namesake exquisitely. It also came in Bonne Bell's innovative biggy .60 oz. size.

Lemon Cola is a bold and bubbly flavor that still holds its scent and flavor nicely and smells like it just came out of the soda fountain! As soon as you pop off the cap you get a burst of refreshing lemon and a sharp fizzy cola. To my nose, I even smell the lightest ginger note which some colas are known to have. Lemon Cola is very true to form and rightfully reserves its spot as an Original Smacker.

The gloss stick itself is a beautiful warm brown that's very reminiscent of the much later Coca Cola Lip Smacker tint.

Marketing pamphlet for store buyers announcing Bonne Bell's newest flavor innovation Lemon Cola from 1978.


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