Candy Cane

Holiday 1984 brought the first ever Candy Cane Lip Smacker! You may be thinking that it’s the original Peppermint in disguise but in true Bonne Bell fashion, they always liked to outdo themselves. Candy Cane is much stronger than original Peppermint (not that Peppermint was weak by any means), has more bite and it frosts your senses with an icy strong peppermint coolness that tingled the lips and instantly refreshed your senses like a true peppermint candy cane! Bonne Bell always had a way of making every flavor they created a whole experience in a tube and this is no different. One whiff of this immediately transports me back to merry minty memories of seasons and years past. This formula is so supreme it's worthy of a year-round release no matter the season!

For those who had Candy Cane from the 1998 and/or 2005 holiday collections, this is the same exact formula and even better in the glorious .60 oz. Biggy size.

The stick itself resembles the fusion of red and white and is the perfect soft pouty pink.

The tube sports the amazing retro Bonne Bell logo that was used in the 1970’s-the early 1990’s and a lovely candy cane striped retro script that forever crystallizes this icy-cool flavor as a Lip Smacker classic.

Now, we just need to get this original formula back!


  1. If I recall, it was from the '84 collection and the gloss was plain solid pink in mine. I wore it in late '84 and thought it looked lovely.

    1. Hi Sparkina! Yes, you're right. Candy Cane originally launched for holiday 1984 and was all pink with white lettering on the tube. The other difference was the 1984 version was on a string. Do you remember yours having a string attached that you could wear around your neck?

  2. I love Bonne Bell's candy cane glosses and would buy many at a time so I could have it year round. Peppermint was a rare flavor back then and only Bonne Bell had it so I always had the peppermint on hand and then they brought out candy cane which was even stronger and tingly. I wish I would of kept my tubes.


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