Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake debuted into Lip Smacker's sweet line-up as a preliminary celebration flavor in 2012 right before Lip Smacker celebrated their 40th Birthday in 2013! Bonne Bell was one of the first to make cake (and even ice cream) flavored lip products starting with Piece-A-Cake all the way back in 1978 and innovated many more yummy cake, ice cream and even frosting flavors through the decades. 

Ice Cream Cake is a true Bonne Bell creation and a party in a tube. Dressed in a stunning original wrap and a coral red font that looks like decorating icing against the ivory colored tube. The balm itself is even a beautiful ivory shade that matches the tube perfectly. Bonne Bell did give us an Ice Cream Cake flavor before in the Sponge-On Layered Cake lip gloss collection but this was first ever in a classic Lip Smacker tube. 

Ice Cream Cake perfectly captures a yummy vanilla ice cream and fluffy white confetti cake blended sweetly together. My nose easily picks out both flavors and just smelling it will make you lick your lips and put a smile on your face. Immediately I smell vanilla ice cream and even a milk-like undertone and as the flavor sits on your lips the cake flavor opens up giving this a very true and authentic representation of ice cream cake. Probably one of my (many) favorites of this decade that Bonne Bell brought out before they sold the brand. 

First edition label (top) and special-edition label (bottom)

Ice Cream Cake later donned a festive limited-edition wrap with the retro flavor font used for many of the limited edition flavors that came out in 2013 and 2014. The wrap has little party favor-like wheels all over the tube and came in a trio with Strawberry Shortcake and Dulce de Leche shortly after Lip Smackers 40th celebration in 2014. Bonne Bell even brought Ice Cream Cake out in their Paul Frank collection featuring Julius delightfully enjoying an ice cream cake on the tube.

First edition label (top) special-edition label (middle) and Paul Frank label (bottom)

If you're lucky enough to come across this flavor since it has been discontinued for a few years now, BUY IT! As delicious as it is I will say the flavor has a medium strength but must admit this one seems to get lighter as the years have gone by and I believe most likely will fade even more with time so experience this one of a kind flavor while you can!


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