Butter Rum

The oh-so yummy, Butter Rum Lip Smacker candied smiles and the Lip Smacker family for holiday 1977 in the large and iconic .60 oz. size. Although I've already posted about Butter Rum along with Maple Nut here, I wanted to create separate posts for both flavors since they were such unique flavors in Bonne Bell's history.

Butter Rum is one of those Lip Smackers that has gotten lost to time, some remember and others may never even knew of this delicious dime store candy flavor Bonne Bell perfectly crafted. The perfect holiday flavor that could live on and be fawned over no matter the season. Butter Rum's balm color is a deep golden brown color, nearly identical to the color of butter rum Lifesavers. The aroma on mine has faded quite a bit but you can tell this was another unparalleled flavor Bonne Bell perfected to smell just like the candy.

Butter Rum's flavor, a golden sweet, buttery rummy candy flavor that is very reminiscent of the iconic Lifesavers flavor. The golden yellow tube and deep black-brown script contrast is still something to fawn over and makes a gorgeous vanity decoration to this day. 

Butter Rum was a one flavor wonder for Bonne Bell but made its mark in the original 1970's line-up that will forever live on as a flavor first by Bonne Bell for the world of lip gloss.


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