Honey Kiss

It’s been 20 years since Bonne Bell had us buzzing about their latest, sweetest release, Honey Kiss. Launched in 2003, the newest lip nectar was a multi beneficial treatment color gloss loaded with the healing powers of honey. While the Bonne Bell bees were quietly working in their hive, there were 8 new honey flavors and shades being created, along with 4 limited editions in every sweet honey combination you could dream of. 

2003 Elle Girl magazine clipping for Honey Kiss  

Honey Kiss was dressed up in an bee-autiful little beehive tube with honey dipper accent designs on the outside. The caps had a duochrome effect that shifts from white gold to lavender depending on the light you're in. You can see this detail in some of the photos.

BB brought us 8 new honey glazed shades and 4 very hard to find limited editions to buzz after. This wasn't a one-size fits all honey flavor either. Each shade was a different honey flavored confection.

Honey Kiss
Honey Mocha
Honey Pie
Honey Sugar
Honey Berry
Honey Be
Latte Honey
Honey Sweet
Honey Nilla*🐝
Honey Do*🐝
Honey Ripe*🐝
Latte Nilla*🐝

*🐝 I recall Honey Nilla launching with the original release but the other shades were exclusive to certain markets and I never got my hands on them. 

Honey Kiss- Creamy clear pink with a pure golden honey flavor. One of my favorite honey flavors ever done!

Honey Mocha-Taupe-y cafe bronze shimmer with a sweet mocha aroma. 

Honey Pie- A real sugar pie honey bun flavor with a muted plummy tint.

Honey Sugar- Clear as crystal with a flavor so sweet it reminds me of a marshmallow honey delight. This also initially reminded me of the 1970's Banana Marshmallow Lip Smacker!

Honey Berry- A cool mauve frosted with shimmer and infused with a honeyed mixed berry flavor. 

Honey Be- A glowing, iridescent opal pink glaze with a honey glazed fruity flavor. This made lips glow!

Latte Honey- Robust coffee bean flavor as a full as a hive and a warm, toasty tawny brick tint. 

Honey Sweet- Tropical fruit gets honey glazed with this clear cut, diamond shimmer shade. 

The formula for these was much more of a lip treatment gloss. Honey has been known for its multi-beneficial properties, including many skincare benefits used in regimens that date back hundreds of centuries. The texture was thick like honey and kept lips super shiny and nourished. I wore Honey Kiss to bed every night for years, long before lip masks were a thing. The honey infused ingredients healed lips like no other while keeping them healthy and supple. I loved glazing my lips with the different honey flavors too. The shades were also lovely...

The Queen Bee of the collection, named after the collection Honey Kiss

Honey Mocha served iced

Sugar pie, honey bun 🎢... Honey Pie

Honey Sugar is syrupy sweet and as clear as ice

A very berry, Honey Berry

Honey Be everything you want to be

A Latte Honey love

Dazzling and delightful Honey Sweet

The Honey Kiss blistered packaging graphics changed over their productive product life span, as the Bonne Bell brand evolved into the mid 2000's. Below is the full evolution of the blistered graphics.

Evolution of the Honey Kiss packaging graphics featuring Honey Sugar, Honey Pie and Honey Mocha.

The Bonne Bell logo changed on the packaging along with the honey dipper accents as you can see with Honey Be below. Something unique about this shade is the Be went right in line with the Bonne Bell logo in this era with the circled 'be' in Bell. 

Honey Be packaging evolution

The flavor/shade was not listed on the outside of the product originally, but along with the subtle packaging updates BB eventually added the shade name stickers to the bottom, shown below. 

Who remembers finding these Honey Kiss sample cards in your favorite teen magazines in 2003? Also, here's the original 2003 print ad in case you missed it. 



Bonne Bell had the bees buzzing and lips swimming in honey kissed goodness. Bonne Bell was always nature conscious with their ingredients from the very beginning and liked harnessing good for you ingredients in many formulations over the decades. Honey Kiss added a sweetness to an already golden product portfolio.

🐝 🍯 πŸ’‹ 🍯 🐝


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