Starburst Juicy Liquid Lip Gloss

   2004 was a juicy year for Bonne Bell with the launch of their iconic Starburst partnership. Starburst candy flavors in a Lip Smacker were an instant mouthwatering match but Bonne Bell also gave us two juicy glosses to go along with this major launch. Smackers Starburst Juicy Liquid Lip Gloss and Smackers Starburst Flavorful Lip Moisture.

Starburst Juicy glosses alongside their Starburst Lip Smacker counterparts

The Starburst Juicy Liquid lip glosses came in six sweet Starburst candy flavors. Cherry and Strawberry from Original Fruits, Raspberry and Strawberry Watermelon from California Fruits and Strawberry Banana and Mango Melon from the Tropical Fruits lines. Although both of the lip gloss lines didn't feature nearly as many Starburst flavors like the regular Lip Smackers did, it seems Bonne Bell curated Starbursts most favorited flavors for this and the Flavorful Lip Moisture squeeze tubes. (I still can't get over that Bonne Bell never did the Starburst Lemon flavor!)

When photographing these I couldn't find one of the flavors I needed, can you spot the one in its place ;)?

And of course they smelled and tasted exactly like their respected Starburst candies. Does it get much better than having your favorite Starburst flavor on your lips all day!? It helped that this formula was extra long-wearing as well. This is probably the thickest formula that Bonne Bell ever offered in the Smackers liquid lip gloss range and I loved it. These square tubes might of been small but packed a punch and one the glassiest shines for the lips.

This was just the start to a long partnership between Bonne Bell and Mars Candy and along the way came packaging updates as well as flavor swaps when Starburst discontinued flavors in their own line. Bonne Bell even brought out a Sour Starburst Lip Gloss Sours line, in 4 flavors, that came in the same tubes as the Juicy Liquid lip gloss line but the tubes were completely opaque. The formula was also quite different and not nearly as thick but more creamy. At some point I will review the full Starburst Lip Smacker Candy Flavor Lip Gloss range and detail the tube transitions along with the new Starburst flavors added along the way, so as always, stay tuned!


  1. I loved the punch one. It felt great on my lips and the color was gorgeous

    1. The Tropical Punch Starburst Smacker was so good and so was its tint! The Cherry Starburst also gave a sheer juicy red tint to the lips as well that I loved, along with the fact that they smelled and tasted exactly like the candy. :)

  2. I loved this gloss so much! I can still taste it😅The consistency was awesome and it put much more confidence in my kisses. I wish Incould find some today😩


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