Jewel Biggys

The Jewel Lips Biggy army alongside their smaller counterparts 

The Jewel Lips line bejeweled lips in 2000 when Bonne Bell unveiled the full line of twelve delicious and jewelicious flavors. Each blinged out Lip Smacker offered a glittery gleam of totally new (with the return of one favorite!) and unique flavors that matched each birthstone on the cap.

Check out the dazzle from this view!

Bonne Bell gave us a whole treasure chest of treats with the Jewel collection. Jewel Nails, Jewel Cheeks and Jewel Glitter Gloss were also added to the multifaceted line-up. The most obscure and exciting was the very limited edition Jewel Biggys in only six of the twelve flavors.

The Jewel Biggys came in the six flavors below along with a big jewel keychain to attach to the portable keychain caps.

Strawberry Garnet Glaze
Amethyst Sour Grape
Diamond Icing
Boysenberry Ruby 
Sapphire Berry
Opal Watermelon

Blistered Sapphire Berry card

 I specifically remember Afterthoughts and Meijer stores both carrying these and they flew off the shelves and became very hard to find, even around the time they came out. 

Amethyst Sour Grape and Diamond Icing Biggys uncapped

Each Biggy was infused with what seemed like even more glitter than their regular sizes. You can see just how much in the image above. For reference, the Jewel Lip Smackers had multi-colored glitter suspended in the balms base while the Cosmic Lips line had a softer, star-like, pearly shimmer.

Although I think we all would of loved to have all twelve Jewel flavors in the iconic Biggy size (can you imagine a Butterscotch Topaz and Aquamarine Freeze Biggy?!) it was beyond exciting that these were brought out. The iconic 60 oz. size paired with one of the more memorable collections from Bonne Bell in the early 2000's (after Cosmic Lips of course!) made the Jewel Biggys a rock solid collection of extremely rare and very precious gems!


  1. are you looking to sell any of these?

  2. are you looking to sell any of these?

  3. are you looking to sell any of these?

  4. are you looking to sell any of these?

  5. I love this collection. If I'm remembering correctly, I ended up getting 4 of the Biggy versions, luckily.


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