2012 brought the colorful Brights collection. The beautifully bold collection first premiered as duos featuring a Lip Smacker and a matching, scented nail polish offer and then extended into different collections seasonally as new flavors were introduced. The first four flavors were Snow Cone, Confetti, Lollipop and my favorite Funnel Cake.

Brights collection planogram graphic

Every flavor in this collection was equally as unique and delicious and all brand new flavors for Bonne Bell. The texture was also fantastic and was the familiar gel/balm/gloss hybrid that was used for the Jello Lip Smackers.


Glistening Cherry Glaze (Holiday 2012)- Imagine a sweet maraschino cherry glaze right before pouring it in the pie pan and baking the most luscious cherry pie.

Lollipop- A fruity candy concoction of most notably sweet strawberry and juicy melon.

Cream Pop (Easter 2013)-Exactly like a dreamy orange cream pop.

Lemon Drop (Easter 2013)-Just like lemon drop candies covered in sugar. Such a great lemon formula!

Twinkling Twizzle Stick (Holiday 2012)-Another favorite of mine, this smells exactly like a berry unicorn rainbow lollipop that you'd get at the fair with some other fruity hints mixed in. One of a kind for sure!

Snow Cone-A frosty blue raspberry snow cone flavor with maybe a hint of lemon if my nose isn't playing tricks on me.

Funnel Cake
This captures the most decadent fried dough flavor that I ever smelled and you can even smell traces of powdered sugar. So authentic and spot on that I wished it would of been introduced into the regular line.

Gumdrop Glitter Pop (Holiday 2012)- Imagine fruity gumdrops dusted in sugar plucked right off of a gingerbread house. This one was very different than Bonne Bell's other gumdrop flavors.

Candy Confetti- Yes, thee original Candy Confetti formula from Holiday 1999 was brought back for this!

Confetti's name was the one Smacker in this collection that was later changed to the iconic Candy Confetti. The iconic flavor was consistent in both despite the minor name change.


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