Grape Crush

The Grape Crush soda Smacker debuted in 1979, shortly after Orange Crush smashed into the original Lip Smacker family along with Cherry Crush and Strawberry Crush soda flavors. Dr Pepper led the way to many other soda flavors becoming Smackers staples over the years so it was only fitting Bonne Bell innovated Crush soda flavors in their iconic .60 oz. size. 

Although there was already Grape (1975) and Sour Grapes (1978) Lip Smackers, Grape Crush smelled undeniably just like the effervescent grape soda. Bonne Bell was the best at giving us all different nuances of popular flavors and not one smelled like the other. Grape Crush was always my favorite out of all the Crush sodas but I rarely indulged so having it in a Lip Smacker gave me just the fix whenever I needed it. Having the bubbly, effervescent grape soda flavor to wear on my lips all day was a real treat.

In the early 80's Bonne Bell discontinued Grape Crush, along with Cherry Crush and Strawberry Crush while Orange Crush lived on along with Orange Pop. Not until 1986, Grape Soda launched as a limited edition flavor, giving us the familiar bubbling grape soda flavor minus the cobranding.  

In 2003, Bonne Bell unveiled a huge surprise and relaunched Dr Pepper's counterparts and Grape Crush one of them that was back! Along with Orange Crush, 7Up and brand new Cherry 7Up and A&W Root Beer. It was such an exciting time when these came back after many years in hiding and they didn’t disappoint. There were two label designs in Grape Crush‘s second life detailed in the below images. 


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