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The Whirly Girl line debuted in Summer 2002 with a wondrously whirled collection of the most whimsical flavors and shimmer, glitter and iridescence spun into different Smackers glosses and other face and body products. Many other products eventually were added and grew the Whirly Girl into a galaxy of gorgeous and flavorous products. 

2003 Whirly Girl ad, see the original debut ad here.

Whirly Girl seemed to be Bonne Bell’s Cosmic line slightly reimagined and taken to another universe for the then new millennium. The high shine silver packaging and stars & swirls accents on the tube brought this to life. They even filed the trademark for ‘Whirly Girl’ brand name in March of 2002 so they had big plans for it. There were so many wonderful products in this line, I'll just be listing the complete flavors & colors in each line in this post rather than reviewing each flavor individually. Eventually I'll review the flavors in full detail in their own posts down the line since each product was so unique. The flavor line-up offered new spins on some of Bonne Bell's most beloved flavor families as well as exciting new flavor fusions. 

The Moisturizing s'Whirl Gloss was part if the first wave of Whirly Girl's debut and reminded me of a luxe fusion of Swirl Glosses + Cosmic Lips together in another universe to create a galaxy of great flavor. The way the two colors swirled in the tube along with the shimmer formula looked like colorful galaxy. 

'Imagine a double treat of cosmically s'whirled flavors. MOISTURE-RICH ingredients soften and smooth lips.'

The beloved Berry Strawberry Twist stuck around the longest and saw some packaging transitions as you see below all the way to the end.

As did some of the other s'Whirl Glosses with minor color changes in the packaging and scripts and logos. Gotta love those subtle nuances! I also love is how the color swirls were all so different in each tube making every one so unique. They always reminded me more of a colorful galaxy than swirls. You can see some of the colors have faded over the years as some of the color gradients look much softer than they did when I originally got them.

Check out the galactic swirl of the 2nd Double Berry Swirl! Notice the other packaging nuances?

s’Whirl Gloss-

Raspberry Peach Dream


Berry Strawberry Twist

Sugared Gumball

Double Berry Twirl

Cherry ‘Nilla Twist

Strawberry Vanilla Spin (LE Holiday 2003)

Cotton Candy Spin (LE Holiday 2004)

The s'Whirly Sponge-On glosses were later renamed s'Whirly Shimmer Gloss but stayed pretty consistent throughout their duration. These glosses were swirled with glittery, gleaming shine. Imagine Sponge-on Sparklers on sparkle steroids. 

'Two lip glosses wondrously whirled into one great look! ALOE, SHEA BUTTER & VITAMIN E condition lips as they shine like the stars.'

L to R: Strawberry T'Whirl, Milky Shakey Way, Raspberry Ripple, Watermelon Whirl, Sugar Shake and Berrygrape Galaxy.

Milky Shakey Way in the original s'Whirly Sponge-On packaging

Raspberry Ripple s’Whirly Shimmer Gloss 

Sugar Shake <3

s’Whirly Sponge-On (later renamed) s'Whirly Shimmer Gloss-

Strawberry T’Whirl

Milky Shakey Way

Raspberry Ripple

Berrygrape Galaxy 

Watermelon Whirl

Sugar Shake

Strawberry Vanilla Stars (LE Holiday 2003)

Peach Cutie (Canada exclusive) 

The Whirlin' Roll-On glosses were a snowglobe of lava and glitter that were incredibly mesmerizing to look at and rolled glittery shimmer on the lips for extra gleam.

'Roll-on stellar shine with a whirlin' wave of glittery gloss & fantastic flavor. Super-wet formula softens and smoothes lips with ALOE & VITAMIN E.'

Screen cap from Smackers.com circa 2003

Raspberry Blizzard Whirlin’ Roll-On

Whirlin’ Roll-On-

Melon Meteor Shower

Strawberry Snowstorm

Sugar Crystals 

Raspberry Blizzard

Cotton Candy Comet

Wildberry Twister

s'Whirlin' Sheer Shimmer squeeze tube glosses were a fun addition to Whirly Girl's mega line-up and were some of my favorites! A beautifully swirled glossy glaze of color and iridescence. 

'Two shiny-sheer shades sprinkled with shimmer &  s'Whirled into one scrumptious lip gloss! Moisturizing formula with VITAMIN E & ALOE softens & smoothes lips.'

Cotton Candy Twist and Raspberry Twirl s’Whirlin’ Sheer Shimmers 

Strawberries ‘n Cream Spiral and Bubble Gum Burst

s’Whirlin’ Sheer Shimmer-

Sugar Berry Swirl

Strawberries ‘n Cream Spiral 

Cotton Candy Twist 

Raspberry Twirl

Bubble Gum Burst

Wildberry Whirl 

Long before the lip oil craze hit decades later, there was the Liquid Star Shine. A glowy, iridescent lip oil to give lips the gleam of the galaxy. These had a brush applicator which was a first in the Smackers line. I've always adored the psychedelic looking tubes too. 

'Lips shine like the stars! Brush-on flavorful liquid gloss and iridescent shine. Moisturizing formula with VITAMIN E leaves lips soft, smooth and shiny.'

Wild Berry Wonder, Razzle Raspberry, Cherry Jubilee and Starry Strawberry in second edition packaging.

Liquid Star Shine-

Vanilla Clouds 

Kiwi Berry Constellation 

Starry Strawberry 

Wild Berry Wonder

Razzle Raspberry 

Melon Moon

Tropical Sky Punch

Cherry Jubilee


The Kiss of Color click pen glosses glazed lip in a veil of iridescent glow and fun flavors. The mini lip pens had a new fuzzy applicator to glide the creamy, cushiony gloss onto your lips for an ultra glamorous glow.

'Pucker up and get smooched with a hint of creamy lip tint! Soft, natural colors with subtle effects. Great flavors for a smoochable smile. Easy-to-use, twist-up, sponge-on applicator.'

Flavor name stickers on the bottom of Kiss of Colors

We even got a limited edition Kiss of Color Holiday flavor! 

Candy Cane Kiss 

Candy Cane Kiss

Kiss of Color-

Peach Pout

Raspberry Pucker

Sweet Crush

Cotton Candy Cutie 

Vanilla Smooch

Melon Squeeze

Strawberry Flirt

Berry Sweet

Candy Cane Kiss (LE Holiday)

Sugar'd Shimmer's were sweet multi-use powders that could be sprinkled onto anything really to give your face & body extra glimmer & shimmer AND flavor! I even loved adding these to Liquid Lip Smackers or Crystal Clear Lip Lites to make my own shades and flavors. Only giving a small preview of these since they'll be getting a post of their own.

Sugar’d Shimmer-

Peach Berry

Rock Candy 




Feelin’ Punchy

For an extra iridescent glow there was Whirlin' Glitz n Glo for the face & body. Swirled tubes of highlighter, long before that trend hit, so you could glow from head to toe.

'Shimmer & glitter wondrously whirled into one great face and body gel! Color disappears as gel is rubbed in, leaving skin super sparkly and lightly scented.'

Whirlin’ Glitz ‘n Glo-

Charmed (pink & white)

Day Dreamer (purple & white) 

Vanilla Snow Dance (LE Holiday 2003)

Whirlin' Cosmic Dust was quite literally the glitter sprinkles on top. These bad boys were little glitter vials of magic fairy dust you could sprinkle onto anything for extra dimensional dazzle. 

'Inspire...create...express your style. Sprinkle sparkling glitter dust on cheeks, face, shoulders or mix with body lotion, hair gel or even nail polish.'

Whirlin’ Cosmic Dust-

Cloud Nine (3x pink, blue & black glitter vials)

Whirly Girl (3x pink, white & purple glitter vials)

Crystal Clear Lash Splash, Sky Blue Eye Glitzers and Blue Whirlin' Cosmic Dust for a galaxy glam eye look.

Sky Blue Eye Glitzers close-up

Eye Glitzers came in the cutest globes and made sure you had an extra twinkle to your eyes. Eye gloss has always been on Bonne Bell’s radar dating all the way back to the late 60’s!

'Eyes get glitzy! Shimmery eye gloss highlights eyes and adds sparkle to any look. The lightweight glitter formula dazzles for hours.'

Eye Glitzers-

Amethyst Sparkle

Lilac Snow

Sky Blue

Crystal Clear

Petal Pink 

Blue Ice 


Crystal Clear Lash Splash

Lash Splash amplified lashes and tamed brows, giving a wet look to your peepers for those mascara-less days and doubled as a brow gel to keep your brows in place (even though these were out at a time when brows were uber thin).

Lash Splash-

Crystal Clear

Pearlescent Pink

Shimmery Lavender 

Whirly Girl lived on through the 2000's and we got to see many sets and limited editions. The full Whirly Girl line didn't all come out at once in the initial 2002 launch, however. That was only the beginning and Bonne Bell added onto the line in 2003 and beyond, so I wanted to make this post to bring it all together.

Gloss 'n Glo bag 

The Whirly Girl line was so special we got some fun limited edition sets like the Gloss 'n Glo bag that featured a special edition nail polish. We even got exclusive Holiday sets and flavors as noted above. Starting in Holiday 2003 with the Whirlin' Winter Collection. I'll eventually review this in more detail for it's 20th anniversary next year.

While most of the Whirly Girl line was discontinued by the early 2010's, it saw many packaging transformations, with the below being its last and final stage. It had one heck of a ride and was such a memorable one for Bonne Bell. The last remnants of the line lived in the Glam It Up Collection bag and actually lasted all the way up until the sale in 2015 believe it or not. 

Glam It Up bag

Final packaging design


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