Pineapple Cocoanut

If you like piña colada's... and Bonne Bell then 1976 was paradise for lips everywhere! Pineapple Cocoanut debuted in 1976 in all its Biggy .60 oz. glory and was a vacation in a tube sans the cabana. Pineapple Cocoanut was a Bonne Bell flavor first as well, at the time you couldn't find another flavor on the market like it.

Pineapple Cocoanut's retro spelling (how amazing is that?!) wasn't the only flawless characteristic it had. The creamy yellow tube and screw cap and perfectly matched balm is the little umbrella on top of this icy tropical treat! Mine still looks fresh off the assembly line after all this time and I'm so grateful for that.

Of course Bonne Bell nailed the formula and flavor and it was on point. Juicy, sweet pineapple and cool, creamy coconut blended to perfection ready to be served and worn on your lips for a vacation getaway with every twist of the cap.

1976 Pineapple Cocoanut Biggy vs. 1986 Pina Colada mini

Pineapple Cocoanut wouldn't be released again until 1986 in a mini size with a new more risqué name Pina Colada.

Pina Colada became a mainstay in the Lip Smacker line-up that was regularly promoted in various holiday sets in the 80's and then in trios and the six-piece necklace collections in the 90's.

Four decades of (some) labels from 1986-2013

Pina Colada stayed around through the 1990's and saw many label changes, then was discontinued and disappeared on a long vacation in the early 2000's. For Lip Smackers 40th Birthday celebration in 2013 Bonne Bell located Pina Colada somewhere on a beach and brought it back in a retro wrap for a limited time along with two other long lost flavor favorites.

Pina Colada Liquid Lip Smacker, 2007

Before 2013 though we caught sight of Pina Colada in 2007 as it appeared lo and behold in new form as a Liquid Lip Smacker. The first time Bonne Bell liquified this favorite into a super shiny clear gloss. A welcome and exciting addition to the longtime favorite.

Pineapple Cocoanut/Pina Colada had a long history in Bonne Bell's line up and proved to be frozen favorite to many. 

A few newspaper ads: 
Snippet of (notice misspelled 'Bonne') Pineapple Cocoanut and Bubble Gum which launched around the same time from March 1976.

Drugstore ad featuring (more misspelled) Bonne Bell gift sets and Pineapple Cocoanut, Orange Pop and Root Beer Soda biggies from December 1976.

Store ad featuring another label version of Pina Colada alongside Peppermint and the Wild Raspberry Ripple Roll-On Shiner from May 1994.


  1. Sure miss the original pineapple Coconut. Nothing they produced since the original has tasted the same!


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