Gum Ball Galaxy

Bonne Bell launched us into outer space in late 1997 with the Cosmic Lips collection. In early 1998 with the extension of the Cosmic Smackers came the glorious Gum Ball Galaxy Lip Smacker. Like an explosion of gumballs into the galaxy it didn't disappoint. 

Gum Ball Galaxy  wasn't anything like its sister, the classic Bubble Gum Lip Smacker, but something new that gave us a juicy fruity gumball flavor, a cross between a machine full of gumballs and Juicy Fruit gum. One of my top favorite Cosmic Lip Smackers that I have so many fond memories of.

Its gorgeous wrap also stunned the senses with its pretty bubble gum pink glitter wrap fit for the most glamorous galaxy gala. Gum Ball Galaxy even got Cosmic Cheeks love with its own shade of starry blue glitter with the matching gumball aroma. Mine is MIA currently but will update once I locate it.

Let's not forget the pretty pink tinted shimmer Gum Ball Galaxy gave the lips. One of those tinted Lip Smackers that Bonne Bell snuck in knowing the color deprived teens would be pleased with the added hint of tint. Gum Ball Galaxy was first introduced as a single and a trio with Martian Mallow and Mint Choco Ship. It also came in the the Galactic Goodies 6 pc. necklace with the keychain cap and even had a special Friendship Collectibles (below) appearance. It was also available in the Gumball Galaxy Sparkle Sack that came with a scented nail polish, nail stickers, a matching Cosmic Cheeks and a keychain.

Gum Ball Galaxy Friendship Collectible

Like all the entire Cosmic Lips line Gum Ball Galaxy was also eventually given a label change and name change. Around 2004 Gum Ball Galaxy changed to Gumball Gal and was given the Super Star redesign that I will always admit was a bit of a downgrade. 

At least the flavor stayed exactly the same which to me is most important considering looks change over time. Gumball Gal stayed in the Shimmers line for quite awhile seeing the different logo changes. 

Gumball Gal was eventually retired and appeared with a limited edition label in the Holiday 2011 set and then was renamed Gleaming Gumball with a special label for Holiday 2012. 

Gumball Gal (2011) & Gleaming Gumball (2012) limited edition Holiday labels.

Gum Ball Galaxy will forever remain one of those memorable Bonne Bell creations that I'm told you can still catch a glimpse of while gazing into the stars on a clear night.


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