Black Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola

The Bonne Bell X Coca-Cola partnership was a match made in beauty history heaven. Bonne Bell literally invented the idea of soda flavored lip gloss all the way back in 1975 with the world renowned Dr Pepper Lip Smacker. The first of many amazing beverage flavors from Bonne Bell, it was a welcome surprise when the first wave of Coca-Cola flavors launched in Fall 2006 and the Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla Lip Smacker was born.

Black Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola was a very limited edition flavor from Coke around this time and it was so exciting that Bonne Bell introduced it as a Lip Smacker. Fun fact, this Lip Smacker had a much longer shelf life than the actual beverage, which according to Wikipedia only lasted a year after it's 2006 inception and was discontinued in 2007.

Without fail Bonne Bell nailed the authentic smell and taste of Black Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola which if you tried you probably remember how unique it was. Not exactly Cherry Coke nor Vanilla Coke. They captured the fizzy flavor perfectly and gave us a pretty maroon tint to go along with it. There was even a Black Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola Liquid Lip Smacker!

As mentioned Bonne Bell kept this around far longer than the beverage was on shelves. Black Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola was offered as a single as well as the first iteration of the Coca-Cola Party Pack and was in other various Coke collections. It even randomly showed up in seasonal & holiday collections as late as 2014.

2006 block logo vs. 2009 new logo

It even saw the Lip Smacker logo change in 2009 giving us a slightly altered label update with a few minor changes. Can you spot them above?

As rare as the Black Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola beverage and Lip Smacker was, it perfectly captured Bonne Bell's iconic branding and authentic flavor making skills.


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