Easter 2010 Biggys

Easter 2010 brought a fresh batch of fun and familiar flavors to celebrate the Spring season. Candy Sprinkles, Marshmallow Chick and Bubble Gum Egg got the iconic Bonne Bell Biggy treatment. Sweet spring flavors especially in the Biggy size are enough to get you excited for the season!

Easter 2010 Biggy's vs. mini's

Bonne Bell typically used the same flavors for their sporadic Easter collections while introducing a few new flavors each time. It was especially rare to have Easter Biggys making these that more special! Coupled beside their mini versions made them so much cuter and collectible.

 Candy Sprinkles has the sweetest lamb gracing the tube and an equally sugary fluffy flavor as big as its wool. Imagine a warm, freshly spun sugar topped with sugar sprinkles that satisfied the sweet tooth. A uniquely sweet treat that's so cozy!

Marshmallow Chick has a cute chirpy chick front and center and a flavor that is as if they took the crystallized sugar coated on a Peep and spun it into cotton candy. So marshmallow cotton candy would be a good way to describe it but it's not as obvious of a cotton candy like Candy Sprinkles if that makes sense since the marshmallow in here is equally as dominant.

Bubble Gum Egg features a cute Easter bunny with a basketful of bubble gum eggs and the juicier bubble gum flavor Bonne Bell used to match. Definitely just like a handful of the bubble gum eggs that came in the little cartons that we all got in our Easter baskets.


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