Dreamy Creamy Pearl

Dreamy Creamy Pearl mesmerized the senses in 2000 with the launch of the Jewel Lips line. Representing June’s birthstone, Dreamy Creamy Pearl was the most perfectly picked pearl from the most glamorous oyster in all the waters. I wanted to get this posted in June for obvious reasons but better late than never, eh?

Pearls represent purity, humility and innocence which reflects in its' dreamy pearlized luster. The lustrous pearly wrap just radiates with a soft green hue, not to be outdone by the cultured pearl cap and twist knob. The jewel on top is always the star on the Jewel Lip Smackers and the perfect compliment to perfect packaging.  Dreamy Creamy Pearl was the mystic flavor of the Jewel Lips collection. What exactly is the flavor? Something sweet and creamy and in the realm of Bonne Bell's vanilla family at first whiff. 

At first I thought the flavor was cake batter but after years of questioning back in forth and re-referencing the later Jewels trios for flavor images, I believe the flavor is suppose to be vanilla milkshake. It makes a little more sense now since the flavor is more creamy than typical cake batter. So imagine an ice cold vanilla milkshake in a frosted glass, so cold the frost looks pearlized. That's Dreamy Creamy Pearl.

Like all Jewel Lips, Dreamy Creamy Pearl also had a matching Jewel Nails nail polish. A pretty pearl with soft micro glitters glazed nails in the most precious. It was even lucky enough to have it's own Jewel Cheeks that gave the brightest beam of all highlighters. A white-gold pearl with added glitter.

 Surprisingly we didn't get Dreamy Creamy Pearl in a Jewel Glitter Gloss or Biggy but it still proved to be a precious piece in the Jewel collection. It was offered in a trio alongside Boysenberry Ruby and Emerald Butter Mint. It even came in a special edition Princess Power set with Opal Watermelon and other Jewel treasures as well. 

Princess Power bag collection 

Dreamy Creamy Pearl was the mother of pearl in the Jewel Lips line and a creamy milkshake dream we were so lucky to have.


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