Clip ‘n Go Sport Balms

Bonne Bell protected outdoorsy, active, and exposed pouts from the beginning. After all, that is why Lip Smackers were created in the first place ⛷. Even the original Lip Smackers that launched in 1973 had sun protection but it was later dropped from the formula. Sun Smackers were created much later to help smack out the sun rays, although there was a plethora of other Bonne Bell sun protecting balms over the years before Sun Smackers came along. The Bell family being active themselves were on top of sun protection all around. 

Sun Smackers came along in 1996, which of course I’ll revisit on here someday, and then later in 2004 came Smackers Clip 'n Go Sport Balm that donned an SPF 24 for sunscreen with a delish twist.

Clip 'n Go Sport Balm brought us 6 delicious flavors and new spins on Smackers staples. Although some sported very familiar flavors Bonne Bell only used once for previous Holiday collections, so it was exciting to get them for another round!

Slamdunk Strawberry- This is the same strawberry used for Fantastical Strawberry from Holiday 2002. A very fruity strawberry punch flavor.

Cotton Candy Cheer- My favorite and the closest to Cotton Candy Cake from Holiday 2001 that they ever did.

Boardin' Berry- Such a unique and fun berry take that’s slightly tropical and just like Imaginary Berry from Holiday 2002

Watermelon Wave- I loved this version of watermelon Bonne Bell used and it was just like a watermelon Jolly Rancher. Also the same as Watermelon Wish from Holiday 2001  

Raspberry Rebound - A new take on their raspberries, this was like a juicy raspberry snow cone.

Vanilla Volley- A sweet vanilla bean flavor different than other vanilla's they did previously.

Smackers Clip 'n Go Sport Balm marketing image used for store displays.

Not to worry, Vanilla Volley is missing from the first pics but I didn't have it in me to take it out of the package at this point with these being 17 years old. I lost my original tube over the years but happy to have another still in package and it will remain that way.

Clip-on directions from the back of the packaging. 

The clip-on clear caps to these were really fun and a change from the keychain caps that were being used previously to these. The band that came with these to clip the Smacker onto was also fun (and a great hair tie in a pinch!). I love the branded Smackers logo emblem on the clasp as well. They really paid attention to details with these!

SPF 24 Clip ‘n Go Sport Balm logos

Clip 'n Go Sport Balm lived a much shorter product life than Sun Smackers. Soon after these Bonne Bell revived the Sun Smackers name with a small seasonal collection in 2006 and then later in 2009 gave us a new Sun Smackers Party Pack after the logo update. One thing that is certain is Bonne Bell always made sure to keep sun protection fun and flavorful but practical so you could take it with you wherever you were roaming!


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