Spooky Smackers: Halloween 2008

For Fall 2008 we were spooked in the best way possible! Bonne Bell brewed the first ever Halloween themed Lip Smacker collection. In the then 35 years of Lip Smackers there was never specifically a Halloween collection. Sure, there were Fall flavors to love from the beginning but Halloween 2008 gave us our first and only ghoulish and ghastly graphics and flavors.

Not only was it seasonal first but it was a big collection at that! Twelve dreadfully delightful flavors to count in three adorable quads featuring fun new 'frightfully fun designs'. The designs were more Scooby Doo-ish animation rather than eerily eye cover inducing and the flavors were anything but ghastly! The metallic labels made this collection even more iconic.

For this post I merely wanted to marvel at the beauty of this collection so I won't be reviewing each flavor here, but I plan to individually in time separately. I will say that some flavors were happy hauntings of past favorites in limited edition packaging, while others were brand new boos.

Let's start with Quad no.1, my favorite by way of design and I always had a soft spot for Bonne Bell's marshmallow flavors. Marshmallow Ghost may be my absolute favorite design in this collection followed by the color scheme of Spooky Sprinkles (Quad no. 3). The pumpkin faces on Ghoulish Grape are also amazing but really there was something to love with every individual flavor in this collection.

Marshmallow Ghost

Ghoulish Grape

Batty Bubble Gum 

Witches' Brew

Quad no. 2 is in the running for my 2nd favorite but it is really hard to choose. This quad offered up Fall food faves and being one for foodie flavors as I am, you can't pass up Fall tongue tingling treats. I mean H-E-L-L-O Popcorn Ball (!!) and then seeing Bonne Bell's first ever Caramel Apple flavor-or was it- (more to come on that down the line) was also a welcome surprise.


Popcorn Ball

S'more Fun 

Cupcake Treat

Caramel Apple

Last and certainly not least is Quad no. 3. The eeriest of the bunch, decorated with goblins, spiders, witches and black cats but far from grisly! Each design creepily cuter than the next but the flying witch on Apple Cider is pretty special.

Ghastly Goody

Cobweb Cookie

Apple Cider 

Spooky Sprinkles

Halloween 2008 was quite the fright of a collection and didn't disappoint. One thing I still cannot believe to this day is how Bonne Bell never made a Candy Corn Lip Smacker. That's right, in the five decades Bonne Bell was leading there was never a Candy Corn flavored Lip Smacker. Other than that they gave us lots of ghoulishy great flavors in this collection and it will now rest forever in peace in the beauty graveyard of gone but never forgotten favorites.


  1. This collection came out when I was 17, and I don't remember it at all. Except that my sisters and I had the S'more Fun flavor. I have no idea how. Lol.


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