Ribbon Candy


There's very few Christmas candies as nostalgic as ribbon candy and also nothing as nostalgic as getting Bonne Bell in your stocking. Seriously, there's really nothing else I ever wanted than my stocking filled Bonne Bell. The Ribbon Candy Lip Smackers are one of those festive creations that you wouldn't of found anywhere else back then or really today and highlights Bonne Bell's authentic originality when it came to innovation. 

 We got our first taste of this nostalgic fave for Holiday 2001 as Raspberry Ribbon Candy.  A jazzy raspberry ribbon candy flavor that captured the old-fashioned fave perfectly. Ribbon Candy was one of those flavors BB had various flankers for and didn’t stick to one formula but had fun with it in the rare Holidays it would make an appearance.

 Not until Holiday 2004 would a new ribbon candy reappear as Berry Ribbon Candy. Created as a single on a gift tag card this special-edition flavor was berry juicy. A berry base but completely different than Raspberry Ribbon Candy. This is one of those flavors BB only used once and you can definitely pinpoint raspberry, cranberry, blackberry and possibly blueberry in this beautiful blend. Incredibly unique and one of those flavors I still think about. It even had a glamorous crushed berry candy tint.

Fast forward to Holiday 2009 with the sophisticated Shimmering Ribbon CandyAnother new twist on a now Bonne Bell classic and this time with a shimmery finish. I'd best describe Shimmering Ribbon Candy as a blackberry creme ribbon candy flavor.

Not again until Holiday 2013 would it appear for the last time as simply Ribbon Candy. Decked out in a nostalgic wrap and an amazing flavor to compliment it. I can easily spot a candied raspberry pomegranate flavor with some other juicy red winter fruits. This year was special though because we got two different ribbon candy flavors. The other came in the Disney quad collection with Minnie Mouse as Raspberry Ribbon. This was a more straightforward candied raspberry flavor, similar to the newer Red Raspberry formula that was being used at the time. 

Nowadays I catch myself longing for the Holidays of past, going over to the grandparents and having a good old fashioned Christmas. The whole place aglow with wondrous decorations and trinkets, the warmth and aroma of sweets baking in the oven and candy dishes with different delights including ribbon candy. Opening up a tube takes me right back to those times and is one of those intimate experiences that made Bonne Bell so special.


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