Lip Lock


Hearts were aflutter for Spring 2010 when Bonne Bell introduced Lip Lock heart-shaped lip gloss tins. Novelty packaging came few and far between with BB along with lip tins and pots but when they did make them they were always clever and collectible. These weren't specifically for Valentine's Day but thought it'd be a good time to reminisce about them. 

Lip Lock packaging minus Sweet Sugar

Four sweet and sensational flavors came along in the Lip Lock collection. This was a new era for Bonne Bell with the recent launch of the throwback logo and the new and elusive cursive Lip Smacker font that came and went rather quickly, solidified this new grown-up era for the brand. Each heart-shaped tin had completely different, intricate art designs on them. I especially adored the repeating cursive Lip Smacker logo around the sides of the tins.

Sweet Sugar tin details

Berry Hugs

Berry Hugs was a big, bodacious lip hug of açaí berry and blueberry. I love the color scheme of this tin and the Spirograph designs that this and Sweet Sugar share. Bonne Bell always being the flavor innovators they were experimented quite a bit with açaí berry flavors in this era.

Chocolate Cherry Kisses

My absolute favorite of the Lip Lock crew AND the first we saw a Cherry Chocolate Lip Smacker in nearly 34 years! I think I went through about 5 of these tins, that's how much I loved it! Chocolate Cherry Kisses was just like the 1976 original and a perfectly decadent chocolate covered cherry/cherry truffle/cherry cordial flavor with a sheer pinkish red tint. Chef's kiss to whoever finally brought this beauty back from the vault.

Sweet Sugar

It wouldn't be 2000's/early 2010's Bonne Bell without a yummy sugar flavor. We got so many amazing and different sugar flavors in this era and of course Sweet Sugar was one of them. This one boarders a vanilla sugar flavor to me but more sugar forward and completely irresistible!

Love Strawberry

No Bonne Bell collection is ever complete without a brand new strawberry addition to cherish. Love Strawberry was BB's love letter to the first Lip Smacker flavor ever created and beautiful one too. A sweet strawberry flavor to savor with a soft pink tint. Perfection!

The Lip Lock collection was one of the few lip tins Bonne Bell did over the decades. What I will always appreciate about them is how they never sacrificed product quality when they did do fun packaging. That combo is nearly impossible to find these days. Although Lip Lock's were only on store shelves for over 2 years their adoring heart shapes and lovable flavors will last forever in Bonne Bell's legacy. <3


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