Juicy Blooms

Just in time for Spring, the Juicy Bloom lip glosses blossomed into Bonne Bell’s Spring 2010 collection. A bundle of fresh and flourishing new glosses let lips bloom in 6 freshly-picked, pucker pleasing flavors.

Juicy Blooms launched right after Bonne Bell revamped the Lip Smacker logo and branding the year prior, taking on a more mature nature but always keeping a flair of fun. The packaging for these were familiar but updated with color and adorable designs on the tubes (Hello, Lip Shox!). I absolutely adore the singing birds with music notes on the Juicy Blooms logo and the wild flowers around the bottom of the tube. These even had the rare cursive Lip Smacker logo that this era saw for a beautifully brief moment. 

The 6 freshly bloomed flavors were familiar pillars in Lip Smacker's long flavor history and headlined the Juicy Blooms collection with amazing new takes!

Sweet Melon Blossom

Berry Blossom

Orange Blossom

Apple Blossom 

Cherry Blossom

Strawberry Blossom 

The clear cushiony gel-like texture glazed lips with soft monochrome sparkles that shined and glimmered like a dewy summery morning, where the sun reflects off of water droplets on freshly watered flowers. These were very hydrating for the lips too! 

Sweet Melon Blossom -The juiciest melon mix that smells exactly like watermelon Bubbalicious, mouthwatering! This has golden glimmers.

Berry Blossom-This was during BB's açaí berry phase and is a bodacious blueberry açaí blend. I loved the blue glimmers in this one so much!

Orange Blossom-A sweetly tangy, bright juicy orange flavor with orange glimmers, what's not to love!?

Apple Blossom-As apple flavors were often rare for BB, this one was a delectable red delicious flavor with a red tint and golden glimmers.

Cherry Blossom-This was a cherry gumball to a T, you know the red gumball's? I love the fire-y hot pink packaging too with pink glimmers!

Strawberry Blossom-Always a BB staple, this was similar to the iconic Celestial Strawberry, an unforgettable strawberry with light pink glimmers.

Juicy Blooms budded in a new era for Bonne Bell, a time where the new logo showed they were ready to try new things. This was a collection, though more simple, that seemed to nod at one in its history if you paid attention. ;) 


  1. I’ve begged them a couple times to bring this line specifically back. It is the best texture of lipgloss I ever experienced and I can’t bring myself to spend a ton of money an on expired tube. Rest In Peace to this glorious product 🥲


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