Movie Theater trio

Bonne Bell rolled out the red carpet for the world premiere of the amazing Movie Theater trio in 1998. Three innovative, brand spankin’ new flavors were rolled out to celebrate cinema magic. Buttered Popcorn, Gooey Fruits and Berry Freeze perfected this all-star performance of a collection.

The Movie Theater trio deserves a place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for offering such exciting flavors that only Bonne Bell could of innovated. I remember first spotting this stunner at Target and squealed with absolute delight! The memory is still so vivid that I even remember buying another Vanilla Frosting Sponge-On Sparkler with this. 

"Lips go HOLLYWOOD when you SMACK on this gloss with BIG screen FLAVOR! The moisturizing, SHIMMER formula softens and smoothes lips. COLLECT 'em all!"

Whether you were going to opening night or scouring Blockbuster, you could take these delicious flavors with you wherever you were, I know I did! Speaking of...what's your favorite movie from 1998? While I have many I think Pleasantville is a great mention. 

Buttered Popcorn

The iconic and sometimes polarizing Buttered Popcorn made quite a debut as the first EVER Buttered Popcorn flavored lip gloss in the world! While it wasn't BB's first (or last) popcorn flavor innovation, it definitely served it's purpose in the Lip Smacker line-up for those of us who sought the more obscure flavors. They nailed the buttery popcorn flavor of course, as the 0.14 oz. tube packed as much flavor as a large movie theater popcorn, with a heap of extra butter of course! I remember being able to smell it over the other flavors after opening the pack right away. 

Berry Freeze

Berry Freeze so well loved when it first rolled out in the Holiday 1997 collection, that we got to see it make it's silver screen debut in this iconic trio. It received the BFF label update, but the frosty berry-blue icee flavor was the same. This also had a shimmer formula unlike the other two, making it look like you actually sipped the frosty treat. This was the last appearance Berry Freeze ever made.

Gooey Fruits

Gooey Fruits was a brand spankin' gummy gourmet creation. This was a favorite of mine from the jump, as I've always adored BB's candy flavor creations. Gooey Fruits is the epitome of all the best red and purple gummy's combined. The adorable graphics on the card for this show Dots candy but this flavor is beyond that. While it's it hard to pinpoint this makeup exactly, I get cherry, grape and raspberry gummy candies off the top. It's one of those distinctly BB flavors that no one else ever pulled off even down to the name. We did get more love from Gooey Fruits after this unforgettable debut but with a slight name change to Gummy Fruits, that of course you'll see more of here in the future.

This legendary trio took a bow some time in 2000 for their final curtain call. Bonne Bell gave a special nod to it in 2014 but it wasn't exactly like the OG. The Movie Theater trio shows just how innovative Bonne Bell remained in all the years of executive producing & directing Lip Smacker, while they continued to trail blaze and create magic for decades to come, much like the golden era of old Hollywood.



  1. I loved Gooey Fruits! Although to me it smelled/tasted like maraschino cherries. It left a whisper of pretty coral color on my lips

  2. I loved Gooey Fruits. It was a pretty coral color and smelled/tasted more like maraschino cherries to me


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