Formula 10.0.6 Lip Treatments

To celebrate 10.06 Day I’m finally getting around to reviewing these luscious lip treatments. I’m irritated with myself for taking so long getting around to post these especially since I’ve been using them constantly since their 2020 launch. 

The Bell Family offered their first triple threat of lip treatments to the market in 2020 under their iconic Formula 10.0.6 brand. Nearly 5 years after they sold the Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker names these were a nice surprise and very long awaited. While Bonne Bell offered many lip loving treatments outside of Lip Smackers over the decades, these are the first 10.0.6 branded ones in their history, but still very much related to the family's iconic history and story. 

Family owned + used”- that's the Bell Family! :)

"For youthful faces of all ages." is very familiar to taglines Bonne Bell used in the 70's and 80's <3

With Formula 10.0.6 being a skincare line these naturally were more ingredient focused but of course they added their personal touch. The squeeze tube packaging is nothing new to the brand but always a very convenient choice. The slant tip applicators also give more ease. And for the added cherry on top, in natural Bell fashion these each offered their own subtle 'hint of' flavors. 

Soak It In is a revitalizing balm that offers a healthy dose of Vitamin C along with Seaberry Oil + Ceramides. This is my favorite texture of the 3 and feels like a lip serum. Rejuvenating and fresh and offers lips a healthy shine with a tart sweet orange flavor.

Go Getter has Vitamin E with Rosehip Oil + Cocoa Butter and is a multi-use balm, with a buttery texture, that can be used on more than just parched puckers. Dry spots, nails, you name it and it has a kissable and creamy coconut flavor. 

Shine On is moisturizing balm infused with Vitamin F and Açaí Sterols + Mango Butter and glides onto lips to give lots of hydration and a bright shine. I love how it saturates lips in glossy moisture and has an addicting açaí and mixed berry flavor. This is my favorite flavor of the 3 and is right in line with the hundreds of berry flavors the Bell's created over the decades.

These were originally sold at Ulta but with 2020 being the sh*t show it was, it doesn’t seem Ulta offered much grace to new products that year. Shame on them because these were great along with the Vitamin Collection these launched within. I checked the Formula 10.0.6 website and only see Go Getter available which is another bummer. I’ve used these as nighttime treatments and my lips have been so supple and happy in the morning. 

Hopefully these are the first of many new lip products from the 4th generation of Bell’s. We’re waiting. 😉


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