Formula 10.0.6 Land & Sea Collection

Brand new for 2023, Formula 10.0.6 just launched their Land & Sea skincare collection that offers 5 new products to treat your skin as we dive face first into Spring. Land & Sea is designed to "clean, nurture, support, renew and balance" your skin while harnessing effective ingredients from the land and sea. This collection is Sulfate Free, Dye Free, Paraben Free, Vegan, Peta Certified Cruelty Free and the packaging is Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic. It's not often I get to talk about products in the present on here, so for the fact that the Bell family/Aspire Brands still owns and operates Formula 10.0.6 I'm more than happy to support!

Land & Sea Collection:

Take The Plunge- Triple Action Cleanser
Clear The Deck- Exfoliating Face Scrub
Beyond The Coast- Balancing Peel Mask
The Deepest Dive- Detoxifying Clay Mask
The Great Abyss- Renewing Sleep Mask

Check out the collection here.

Before we dive in, just a little history lesson for those who aren't familiar. Formula 10.0.6 formerly know as Ten-O-Six, was one of Bonne Bell's famous skincare products that first came out in 1933! Happy 90th 10.0.6!!! It first started with the famous Ten-O-Six astringent/cleanser that's STILL around today, with slightly upgraded ingredients and now known as So Totally Clean. Also important to note that although the Bell family no longer owns the Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker brands/names, they're actually still around (Aspire Brands) and in the game with Formula 10.0.6 and it's still family-owned and currently in their 4th generation. That's HUGE! For a company to be almost 100 years old (Bonne Bell was founded in 1927) and family-owned is something to celebrate and treasure, especially in a now oversaturated beauty industry. The products are all still made in the USA with quality ingredients and affordable price tags. I cannot stress enough how important it is to support family-owned businesses, case in point.

Land & Sea marketing from their recent email blast

Take The Plunge- Grapeseed Oil + Sea Minerals "This all-in-one coastal cleanser quickly purifies, moisturizes, and revitalizes skin with a complex mix of land & sea ingredients. Grapeseed oil nourishes while sea minerals fortify skin for a serious radiance boost. Glow ahead, take the plunge!"

First Impressions: Ok, first and foremost this face cleanser is HUGE! It's 5 fl. oz and will last a long while. It feels like a hybrid of a cream/gel/foam cleanser. A little goes a long way! This took off my tinted moisturizer and sunscreen easily and left nothing behind. I really like that my skin didn't feel stripped and tight after too. Just calm, cool and relaxed. 

Clear The Deck- Volcanic Sand + Micro Algae "Glow in no time with this exfoliating face scrub! Volcanic black sand gently and effectively eliminates dead skin cells while micro algae nourishes for an ultra-smooth complexion. Prepare your pores to clear the deck!"

First Impressions: This is a nice and creamy face scrub. The volcanic sand isn't rough and and the granules feel rather smooth although I didn't press too hard when scrubbing. Some facial scrubs I've tried either feel too liquid-y or abrasive and this does not which I really appreciate. I can see me using this on my body when I'm in a pinch also.

Beyond The Coast- Reishi + Micro Algae "This antioxidant-rich peel mask combines land & sea ingredients to deliver big results. Adaptogenic reishi mushroom calms and fortifies skin as micro algae hydrate and nourish. Cruise beyond the coast for smooth, balanced skin."

First Impressions: I love a good peel mask and also love that this has Reishi mushroom in the ingredients. Reishi's are known for helping slow down premature aging of the skin while calming redness. This dries down easily and is fun to peel off. 

The Deepest Dive- Spirulina + Dead Sea Mud "This creamy, mineral-rich clay mask dives deep to detox and decongest skin. Antioxidant-rich spirulina soothes skin while dead sea mud, charcoal and oatmeal minimize the look of pores. Dive in to reveal your clearest complexion."

First Impressions: I've only used this on my nose so far and I like how it smoothed the look of my pores. I typically only do mud/clay masks in the more humid months and see me reaching for this often in the Summer months. Also I absolutely love the benefits of Spirulina which I put in my smoothies 3x a week, so I'm excited to see how this works topically. 

The Great Abyss-Hyaluronic Acid + Chlorella "This overnight mask restores dull skin while you slumber. A rich dose of hyaluronic acid, shea butter, squalane and chlorella moisturizes & hydrates for smooth skin. Awaken from the great abyss with a renewed complexion! "

First Impressions: I've used this 2x so far and am impressed with the benefits I'm seeing. It's a much lighter texture than I normally use or expect from an overnight mask, however my skin still looks nice and smooth in the AM. I just used a heavier serum underneath this to help aid the penetration into the skin. This will definitely be in my travel bag. Also generously sized might I add!

"Nourishing botanicals from land & sea deliver a wave of benefits for your healthiest, clearest complexion. Since 1933, FORMULA 10.0.6 has been the tried, tested and trusted brand for skin that's good enough to go bare."

Overall Land & Sea is a really nice collection and I love the colors of the packaging as well as the incredible skin-loving ingredients. The smells are soft and have a very subtle essence of a sunny, wet morning at sea, besides The Great Abyss which has no smell at all. Each product is generously sized for the price and I have to praise the Bell family for still putting out quality made products that are easy on the wallet, for nearly 100 years! This line is right on point with BB's history too and makes me think of their Good Nature line from the early 1970's. Cruelty Free and no animal testing have been a long-standing value of the Bonne Bell brands going back decades, so this is not new for them. I tend to interchange my skincare routine often with all sorts of different products, but see these easily integrating into my daily regime and becoming staples along with many of my other Formula 10.0.6 faves. 

Now let's see a lip-smackin' 2.0 creation! 😉💋


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