1998 Jess A. Bell Q&A - Smackers Spotlight


Check out this incredible Q&A article with thee Lip Smacker creator himself Jess Allen Bell, from 1998 celebrating Lip Smackers then 25th Birthday (25 years ago!)! Jess was the son of Bonne Bell founder J.G. (Jesse Grover) Bell (and brother to thee Bonne for more context) and lead the company in its 2nd Generation when he took over from his father J.G. in 1959. So many incredible milestones captured here from Jess along with the collector's list attached on the right side. This piece is pure gold and has turned into quite the keepsake treasure that will remain timeless to Bonne Bell's legacy. 💛

I have to snicker at his Caramel Corn comment as it's one of my very favorites of the original 1970's line-up. Jess Bell was an absolute legend who created so many other memorable Bonne Bell products along with Lip Smackers but was also known for so much more and most importantly his genuine heart. We will explore more of the man, the myth and legend himself in time here at Oz.

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