1996 Lip Café Collection

The Bonne Bell baristas brewed up a whole Color + Flavor café collection for Fall 1996 and poured us many unforgettable shades and flavors that we’re still coffee-talking about 27 years later. The Lip Café served a latte timeless 90’s neutrals, in a pleasing palette of café au lait nudes, roasted browns, beiges and berries and even a perk of bright color. Each had their own delicious, authentic aroma & flavor that matched their names in bold Bonne Bell fashion!

The Color + Flavor line was introduced in 1995 when Bonne Bell started adding flavors to all their lip products due to the extreme success of Lip Smackers that came long before the rest. Lip Sheers, Lip Lites and Lip Colors were some of the first to have flavor added, while a slew of newbies joined along the way like Lip Tints and Lip Lix. During this time, unless it was specifically a flavored lip gloss, most tinted lip glosses and lipsticks on the market smelled like florals or their ingredients which was less than pleasant. Leave it to Bonne Bell to reinvigorate the lip category long after Lip Smackers debuted and adding exciting flavors to every type of lip product.

Bonne Bell Lip Café display mock-up. Those graphics 😍

The Lip Café collection offered amusing new shades and flavors in a coffee shops most sought after flavors in some of Bonne Bell's most iconic lip products of the decade. Many shades in this collection became permanent while some stayed forever limited-edition and never returned. The Lip Colors had a separate collection, Café Color, that launched aside the Lip Café with matching Lip DeFiner lip liners. Since the menu on BB's website included the Lip Colors as part of the collection, I put one in the photo but will showcase this collection as a separate post in the future.

Lip Cafe

Lip Sheers-

Raspberry Cocoa 


Lip Lites-

Cranberry Muffin


Lip Tints-

Mud Pie

Mocha Malt

Lip Lix-


Mocho Loco

Gimme S'more

Lip Sheers were a notch above a tinted lip balm, a sleek, sheer lipstick that gave lips a healthy dose of color, shine and flavor.

Lip Lites were as famous as Lip Smackers. They were first introduced in the 80's as a shiny liquid lipstick since they offered nearly full coverage with loads of blinding shine, but later were known as a tinted lip gloss.

Lip Tints were tinted lip gloss pots that offered the nourishing benefits of a balm with tint, shine and delicious flavors.

Lip Lix were also extremely iconic and basically Lip Smackers older, more sophisticated sister in a literal "lip-stick".  A tinted lip balm that wore like a gloss, offered sheer but easily buildable tints that had the most delicious "grown-up" flavors with cheeky names.

Lip Colors were full coverage lipsticks in matte and shimmer finishes with a light vanilla flavor. 

Of course this was only some of the many coffee confections Bonne Bell crafted over the years. Bonne Bell offered a robust menu of different coffee flavored lip products through the decades, long before Starbucks was on every main street in small-town America. 

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