Pink ‘n Pretty Colors palette


The vivacious Pink 'n Pretty Colors face palette blossomed for Spring 1984. 40 years ago the full face palette with the heart of the 1980's launched into the decade of excess. Pink 'n Pretty might sound like a John Hughes flick but Bonne Bell was always ahead of the curve, launching this two years before the iconic movie with a like sounding name debuted. Molly Ringwald had to have owned this, right?!

Look at the beautiful packaging housing the palette, very ahead of its time! 

"The Pink 'n Pretty Colors are a color-coordinated collection of five powder eyeshadows, 2 powder blushers, and a kohl pencil plus applicators."

Front of palette closed

The outer case was perfectly pink and so 80's chic! Almost understated for the decade of extravagance. 

Back of palette closed (made in Italy is interesting!)

The color scheme was right on trend for 1984, so much so the perfectly purple shadow on the right end could have been named Purple Rain, which debuted from Prince the same year. Each shadow has a slight frost with opaque color pay-off. You could come up with a million looks with this. While applicator tools have come a long way, I love how the dual-ended sponge applicator and blush brush capture the essence of the era. 

The full-size Soft Black eye kohl gives a rich black payoff and looks like it'd glided on with ease. I am surprised at how soft this has stayed after 40 years! Speaks highly of what quality sourced ingredients create. 


To top off an electric look, how about a Light 'n Shiny Lipstick in the shade Raspberry Ice? A mid-toned, metallic rosy-raspberry to finish the look, but not compete with the vibrant eye shades. 

The Light 'n Shiny Lipsticks offered a glossy, buildable to full-coverage, sophisticated rich color glaze to the lips and the perfect way to dress up your pout. They were a mainstay in Bonne Bell's line-up for many years. 

The finished look wouldn't be complete without a pink Lip Smacker that was also out on the market in 1984. The Bubble Gum Lip Smacker is an icon for many reasons, but goes well with the Pink 'n Pretty palette and adds more shine and a lot of flavor!

Of the many things that came alive in 1984, like meeting Samantha and Jake for the first time, getting Footloose, getting lost in the NeverEnding Story, the launch of the Apple Macintosh (no, not a Lip Smacker flavor just yet); Time After Time Bonne Bell fit right in with the decade, as they did the many before and after the 1980’s.

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  1. This so incredible! I am blown away by your knowledge of Bonne Bell and how you're able to take us back in time to the exact place when these products came out. I didn't own this because I wasn't allowed to wear eye shadow around this time yet but I did have that jumbo Bubble Gum Lipsmacker.


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