The Bonne Bin - Donate, Sell & Trade


The Bonne Bin is now open here at The Oz of Lip Smacker Land to donate, sell or trade any used or new Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker treasures that you don’t have the space for anymore. Bonne (though this pronunciation is “Bonnie”) also means ‘good’ in French and The Bonne Bin initiative was created for the good of nostalgia, so your Bonne Bell beloveds can live out their legacy here at Oz, as we continue to work towards a digital museum to preserve the brands entire history from 1927-2015. We will gladly give you credit/mention for your donation if you wish. ♻️ 

If you have anything you would like to donate while cleaning out your old Caboodles, makeup drawers or are even looking to sell or trade some of your old collection, please reach out. We are open to anything Bonne Bell! 🌱💄

How The Bonne Bin works:

Donate- We will send you a shipping label so all you will need to do is simply print the label, pack it up in an old box or package you have lying around and ship to us at no cost to you. Used or new condition is fine. 

Sell (to us)- Do you have something exciting or rare you think we’ve may not have seen or own? Send some pictures over for review and we will get back to you right away. 

Trade- While trading is not preferred, we are open to do a trade if it is mutually beneficial for both parties and if we have an extra of what you’re looking for of course. 

Reach us at: 


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