Clic-It Pt. 1


The onset of the new Millenium brought on lots of savvy innovation in the world of tech AND Bonne Bell. The Clic-It line launched in 2004 and was right on par with new innovation of the era, coming a few short years after its sister, Lip d'Votion, which is was a twist-up lip glaze pen with a brush on applicator. Clic-It offered beauty tech on a newer spectrum in a massive array of 16 shades and flavors! 

 < Lock Unlock > mechanism on the bottom of the tube.

A simple click to the right to 'Unlock', then click about 3 pumps and the glorious glaze comes through the top, then slick on! I pumped more than that to get the drip for the pic. 

There's the famous 'Lakewood, Ohio 44107' address that I regularly highlight. Check out the "Patent Pending" mention underneath. Come to think of it, I haven't seen this exact packaging design during the time these debuted or since. 

There were 8 translucent shades, 4 with shimmer and 4 without, as well as 8 pigmented, medium coverage lip lacquer-like color shades, each having their own unique flavor in clear Bonne Bell style. Part 1 will focus only on the translucent shades of the collection. While the colors have lightened due to age, you still get a good idea of their original tints even though they came out clear on the lips.

Clic-It offered a unique click pen dispenser style packaging that even had an "on" and "off" leverage so you could lock the pen after dispensing the perfect amount of the pucker perfecter. The tip was an foam/sponge-on style pom pom puff with little holes that the gloss would flow through after just a few clicks. It even had the satisfying 'click' feel and sound you get from writing pens. The shades/flavors for these weren't written on the tube, but instead had a sticker of only the shade name that you'll notice in a few pics.

Clic-It 'How to Use' directions

Clic-It Transparents-


Allure- Cherry Grape

Glam- Sugar

Hype- Cherry Strawberry 

Vogue- Strawberry Watermelon


Fresh- Melon

Sleek- Berry Strawberry 

Smooth- Vanilla 

Glaze- Raspberry

Allure- A true, aqua blue with subtle blue and silver shimmers and a tantalizing Cherry Grape flavor. This was actually very similar to the beloved Gooey/Gummy Fruits Lip Smacker flavor. 

Glam- Crystal clear with glimmering glints of orange and red shimmers and a sweet Sugar flavor. I loved Bonne Bell's sugar flavors and this was a uniquely sweet surprise.

Hype- A crystalled rose pink hue with a wildly fruity Cherry Strawberry flavor. 

Vogue- Fashionably subtle deep plum-pink with orange and gold glimmers and a succulent Strawberry Watermelon flavor.

Fresh- Offered an exhilarating, clearly cantaloupe see-thru shade with a complimentary Melon flavor.

Sleek- A lustrous stroke of a very berry transparent stain and a luscious Berry Strawberry flavor 

Smooth - The most clear of the bunch with the gleamiest glac√® kind of shine and a sweet Vanilla flavor. You couldn't escape vanilla flavors by the 2000's which I'm absolutely sure stemmed from everyone's love of Bonne Bell's iconic Vanilla Frosting flavor that debuted the decade before this. 

Glaze- A see-thru jammy gem with a really delightful Raspberry flavor.

Snippet from a 2004 issue of Elle Girl magazine. 

The Clic-It countertop display for the 2004 launch 

Clic-It's came in blistered packaging that changed over the years, after their 2004 debut.  

Hype- Cherry Strawberry & Allure- Cherry Grape in the first two blistered packaging designs.

The blistered packaging wasn't the only design change for Clic-It's. The transparent shades ended up staying around longer that their lip color counterparts, and received more color designs on the tube. I will do a separate post and showcase the colorful differences and comparisons for all shades/flavors in a later post, but above is a sneak peak for now, featuring the shade Allure- Cherry Grape in the first edition design alongside the updated, more colorful final design of these.  

Stay tuned for the decadent Clic-It lip colors that I'll showcase down the road, only here!


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