1977 'Crackers Over Lip-Smackers' ad


  1. I recently came across your page and am so happy I did! LipSmackers bring me so many happy memories and am so glad for your page to relive them. I’ve held onto a few of my originals and cherish them. I had these jumbo LipSmackers on a necklace in lots of flavors but the Red Raspberry and Piece a Cake were my favorites for awhile even though I switched flavors up regularly. <3

    1. Hi Brenda! Thank you for sharing your memories on here. I love hearing everyones BB memories and favorite flavors over the years. Red Raspberry is a classic and a favorite of many. Did you know Bonne Bell brought back Piece-A-Cake in 2015 right before they sold? It's a little different than the original as far as smell but still worthy of owning. Check eBay for it if you're interested! It came in the 1970's Decades trio with Peach and Peppermint. Coconut Cake was originally Piece-A-Cake renamed but they took the lemon flavor out of it like Piece-A-Cake had so nowadays it's just a fluffy coconut vanilla cake flavor. Hope that helps!


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