The Bit-O-Honey Lip Smacker!

Lip Smackers today sport some delicious candy flavors like Skittles, Starburst and M&M's! Long before the Mars Inc. partnership, there was the Bit-O-Honey Lip Smacker, appearing shortly after the Tootsie Roll and Good & Plenty Lip Smackers! Launched in January 1979, Bit-O-Honey quickly disappeared off of drugstore shelves and since has yet to resurface. Although Bit-O-Honey may not be the trendiest candy around nowadays, it sure is DELICIOUS and STILL Lip Smacker worthy! Why not give it another try Bonne Bell? For old times sake...?


  1. This is a flavour I would love to have. I always liked Bit-O-Honey... and Mary Janes! They're not super popular candies, but I like really simple candy like those or rock sticks. They should bring this back!

  2. I loved this lip balm as a kid


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