Here's a crush that won't break your heart. (okay, okay...sorry) The Orange Crush Lip Smacker. And Grape Crush. And Strawberry Crush. And at one point, Cherry Crush was also available. Orange Crush smashed its way into the Lip Smacker family in 1979, following closely behind with Grape Crush, Strawberry Crush, and Cherry Crush. Somewhere along the way in the 80's they fizzled out, leaving everyone to settle for the Orange Pop Lip Smacker that was always hiding behind Orange Crushs' shadow (and equally JUST as tasty!) NO FEAR! Bonne Bell relaunched these babies back in 2003 and Grape Crush has been in my pocket or somewhere near ever since! Strawberry Crush made a comeback in 2010 in the Dr Pepper & friends Party Pack. They also liquidfied the popular flavor this year, in a cute soda pop bottle lip gloss. (At Target, btw) So whos lips out there pitter patter for the Crush Smackers!?


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