Just Peachy...

Peach Lip Smacker circa 1976 above & 2011 below

Oh my, Peach Lip Smacker, how've you grown up! I haven't seen the original Peach Lip Smacker last, since the early 00's when it was discontinued. Now they do make Berry Peach nowadays, but it just isn't the same. I used to ADORE this flavor and to my surprise when I was breezing through the store the other day, low and behold I came across a Peach LIQUID Lip Smacker! I was smiling ear to ear! AND it smells JUST like the ORIGINAL!


  1. Oh man I wish they had this flavor today! I would be all over it!! I'm going hunting for the liquid peach one now! Thank you!
    Oh and I just wanted to let you know that if you have a 99 cents Only store near you I hit the jackpot on the LipSmackers and found a bunch of discontinued items there you can check out some pics if you want on my blog! :) Kirstie

    1. I know I'm replying quite late but thankfully the original Peach Lip Smacker made a return in 2015 in the 1970's trio along with Peppermint and Piece-a-Cake! You can still purchase Peach as a single on www.lipsmacker.com. I hope this helps!

    2. Here is the link; http://www.lipsmacker.com/catalog/product/view/id/107/category/127/

  2. Do you have any vintage smackers for sale


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