The Lip Smacker Strawberry Patch

 All hail The Queen of Lip Smacker Land! Strawberry!!! The flavor that started it all back in 1973. (Random fact; The original Strawberry Lip Smacker is the only Lip Smacker that has only a fragrance, not a flavor!)  Strawberry is probably the MOST popular flavor of lip gloss out there, thanks to Bonne Bell! And there's more where that came from!  There is about EVERY flavor of strawberry one could ask for in the Lip Smacker collection. It even makes Miss Shortcake herself green with envy! About every collection of Lip Smackers usually promise some sort of strawberry flavor. In the 90's Bonne Bell ran an ad that read, "How do you like your Strawberry?" and that my friends leads me to the question, how do you like your Strawberry? I much prefer Strawberry Cheesecake, Fanta Strawberry, Cool Strawberry Orange, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Grapefruit (Liquid) and Strawberry Cupcake from holiday 2005. Moral of the story is, you can never go wrong with a strawberry Lip Smacker, however it is you like it.


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