Yes, your lip gloss will be poppin', literally! The Caramel Corn Lip Smacker was first introduced to the Lip Smacker family back in 1977 in original Biggy form. Not until years later, as of 2010 to be exact, it appeared in the beloved holiday Lip Smacker collection! Let me just tell you that I love a lot of different Lip Smacker flavors, a lot! But this has to be my hands down, favorite flavor! The flavor is a rich, buttery caramel, with an almost nutty undertone and a nice light popcorn finish. This is so true to actual caramel corn, you might get confused and expect to find a toy inside ;) Bonne Bell re-introduced this as Caramel Popcorn Drizzle for holiday 2010, and it features the cutest little teddy bear holding the classic popcorn tin that you might gift around the season. I would love for this to be added to the original line again. I did stock up quite a bit when this was out again, but still.


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