Sparkling White Grape

Sparkling White Grape bubbled into the Lip Smacker family for holiday 2003 in a special Lip Smacker Cosmically Cool Collection exclusively for Target, along with Strawberry Stars and a Cosmic Cheek Gel. Sparkling White Grape was a stand-out and one that rightfully still deserves its own spot in the permanent Lip Smacker core line-up, as it offers such an authentic representation of Welch's Sparkling White Grape juice, a staple for celebrations!

The stick itself is a stunning translucent pale green, just like a white grape, with a silver shimmer that imparts a glossy glow. The tube has little stars and green grapevine ornaments against a pale lavender sparkle wrap of the Cosmic Lip Smacker era.  The flavor of this is just PERFECT and nothing like any other grape Lip Smacker (no, not even close to Amethyst Sour Grape or Sour Grapes either.) A crisp, light sour grape flavor that I have never smelled in any other grape flavored product besides Welch's Sparkling White Grape juice. This same flavor was disguised as Berry Grape Quencher in fall 2006 and Berry Grape Blast in fall 2007, both of which have NO berry counterparts to my nose, just pure sour white grape and the formula has not resurfaced since. Sparkling White Grape is a expertly blended flavor that I still dream of to this day. Strawberry Stars has that fruity strawberry flavor, similar to the Strawberry Icicle Sun Smacker and the Strawberry Crush Smacker and has a slight sour finish as well. Both authentic and unique and definitely a collection to treasure now.


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