Aquamarine Freeze

Aquamarine Freeze represents March's aqua-hued birthstone in a dazzling Lip Smacker flavor that smells like a true blue icy freeze. My 2nd favorite of the Jewel Lip Smackers not only for its scrumptious blue raspberry freeze flavor but its gorgeous glimmering aqua blue hue. Mine has lost most of its scent as I've found most shimmer and glitter Lip Smacker formulas do over the years but I used this so much when it was out that it's imbedded in my mind. The stick itself has faded and lightened as well but everything else about Aquamarine Freeze and the rest of the Jewel Lip Smackers have stood the test of time and remain timeless.

 To celebrate the start of a new month I've decided to review the legendary Jewel Lip Smacker collection. Launched in 2000, each flavor was well crafted and a stand-out all alone so instead of reviewing the whole collection together I will review them separately. I will eventually post both January- Strawberry Garnet Glaze and February- Amethyst Sour Grape that I've skipped over (life has been busy) and give a more detailed review and not just post them in all of their glory on my Instagram

 As for any current flavor that is close to this, there are none. Berry Slush is completely different- too sweet and too much cherry to be close to this. Aquamarine Freeze always reminded me of Berry Heavenly minus the sweet cream part, as Berry Heavenly has more of a blue raspberry and cream flavor.

Aquamarine Freeze also came in the gorgeous Jewel Nails nail polish line that offered all 12 birthstones matching their Jewel Lips counterparts. There was also Jewel Cheeks and a little later the Jewel Glitter Gloss. The polish is a deep aqua teal that has a beautiful pearly blue-green iridescence layered with a multifaceted reflex glitter that flashes purple, blue, green, red and orange- so pretty! The Jewel Nails were also scented to match their namesake and their Lip Smacker equivalent making it the icing on top of this deeply adored collection.


  1. AMAZING! The jewel line was so adorable and made amazing gifts for birthdays. I remember my friend put together the Boysenberry Ruby products-the Lip Smacker, nail polish and glitter gloss as a gift for my birthday one year and I was thrilled!!! Of course I had to collect them all. My favorites were Turquoise Sprinkle Cake and Emerald Butter Mint. I really wish these would make a comeback.

  2. My favourite out of the 12 are diamond, opal and pearidot!!


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