Garden Bouquet trio

Spring is in the air and what better way to welcome it than 2017's Garden Bouquet trio!? An incredibly fun and unique blend of fruit and floral flavors makes this collection Lip Smacker worthy. I've always loved Bonne Bell's extraordinary flavor fusions and this definitely peeked my attention as soon as I heard about it! Seems like something Bonne Bell would have eventually done. Seeing these made me think of the Smackers Flower Buds perfume collectibles from the late 1990's, early 2000's that came in Biggy perfume sticks as well as roll-ons and solids. Who remembers those gems?!

The three flavors featured are;

Citrus Sunflower- I can detect a soft hint of orange and grapefruit with a sunflower like finish. My favorite of the 3!

Coconut Orchid- I smell more of the orchid than I do any coconut but it's there and very light.

Blackberry Violet- This reminds me of the old school C. Howards Violet scented gum that you get at candy stores and gift shops. This has a pretty strong scent and definitely a unique one. I kind of wish this was a blueberry violet flavor. A nod to one of my favorite Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory  movie scenes. 😉

Lip Smacker gave us all a sneak peak on the package that was somehow misprinted of three more flavors that seems they never went through with, sadly. Vanilla Lavender Delight, Spring Rose Bloom and Peony Melody. Seriously, how amazing do these sound?! These would have been great additions to this trio. I really do like this collection and was hoping to see a continuation of more flavors and possibly even break into a garden collection. I know I've heard many of you mention you'd love a tomato flavor and I can think of a whole slew of of vegetables and herbs that would make interesting Lip Smackers combos!


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