Vita Gloss2O

VitaGloss2O splashed into the Bonne Bell family in 2004 with a full line of lush and light glosses and balms inspired by the wellness/sparkling fruit mineral waters of the early 2000s, making these the perfect gloss to wear to yoga class. The textures and trendy flavors in this line were light, happy and full of lip hydration and enriched with vitamins & minerals. The Vita Gloss 2O line expanded over the course of a few years starting with the Revitalizing Lip Quencher and the first version of Slim Gel Balm and then later there was Mineral Shimmers a limited-edition extension of the Revitalizing Lip Quencher but with an added shimmer,  A Splash of Color housed in a squeeze tube and Moisture Stick which was the 2nd edition of gel balm that came in the cutest tube. Bonne Bell introduced many limited edition holiday sets when Vita Gloss was out with lots of special edition flavors highlighted below.

VitaGloss2O Revitalizing Lip Quenchers

The Revitalizing Lip Quencher glosses had the texture of a hydrating cushion gel housed in a gorgeous double-cylindered, chunky crystal see-thru oval tube and although felt lightweight they had pretty good wear time. The gloss literally enveloped lips in a cloud of moisture, healthy shine and refreshing fruity flavors. 

Revitalizing Lip Quencher flavors:
Strawberry Tangerine Fizz
Raspberry Grapefruit Squeeze
Cherry Raspberry Twist
Mixed Berry Seltzer
Watermelon Kiwi Slice 
Strawberry Spritzer 
Cherry Mist (special edition for holiday 2004)
Berry Bubbly (special edition for holiday 2004)

VitaGloss2O slim gel balms from a Bonne Bell product book

The first edition of the VitaGloss2O balms came in a slim gel stick that had a translucent see-thru tint and matched the flavors of the Revitalizing Lip Quencher, but were only around for a year or so until Moisture Sticks came along. This first version had a firmer texture than the later Moisture Sticks.
Slim Twist-Up Gel balm flavors:
Strawberry Tangerine Fizz
Raspberry Grapefruit Squeeze
Cherry Raspberry Twist
Mixed Berry Seltzer
Watermelon Kiwi Slice 
Strawberry Spritzer 

Some of the VitaGloss2O Mineral Shimmers

The Mineral Shimmer glosses were a limited-edition line that had the same formula as the Lip Quenchers but with a healthy dose of finely milled silver shimmers and offered a new range of sparkling fruit fusions.

Mineral Shimmers flavors:
Sparkling Pink Grapefruit
Sparkling Berry
Sparkling Raspberry
Sparkling Peach
Sparkling Pink Lemon
Sparkling Strawberry
Sparkling Melon
Sparkling Cranberry (special edition holiday flavor)
Sparkling Pomegranate (special edition holiday flavor)

A few VitaGloss2O A Splash of Color shades

A Splash of Color offered a thicker, tinted gloss in a squeeze tube that hugged lips in cushiony moisture and a hint of healthy color and of course yummy flavors. 

A Splash of Color flavors/shades:
Sheer Strawberry
Sheer Melon
Sheer Cherry
Sheer Plum
Sheer Kiwi 
Sheer Raspberry 
Sheer Pomegranate (limited edition holiday 2006)
Sheer Cranberry (Gloss ‘n Glow trio holiday 2006)
Sheer Pink Pear (Gloss ‘n Glow trio holiday 2006)
Sheer Sparkling Pomegranate (limited edition holiday 2005)
Sheer Sparkling Cranberry (limited edition holiday 2005)
Sheer Sparkling Strawberry (limited edition holiday 2005)
Sheer Sparkling Berry (Fresh Glow trio holiday TBD)

VitaGloss2O A Splash of Color display, 2005

A few VitaGloss2O Moisture Stick balms

Moisture Stick not only had the most adorable short and chubby tube (check it out) but the thick gel balm slicked lips with the shield of a balm and sheen of a gloss (these were very similar to the Jello Lip Smacker texture).

Moisture Stick balm flavors:
Cool Kiwi
Peaceful Pineapple
Mindful Mango
Refreshing Raspberry
Simply Strawberry
Watermelon Wellness 
Purely Pink Pear
Blissful Berry Lime
Berry Drench (limited edition holiday flavor)
Sugar Soother (limited edition holiday flavor)
Merry Melon Berry (limited edition holiday flavor)
Cheery Cherry (limited edition holiday flavor)
Blissful Berry (not the same as Blissful Berry Lime) (limited edition holiday flavor)

VitaGloss2O group marketing shot


  1. Not to lousy-mouth Bonne Bell as a brand, it was just this one item, but I found the Vita-Gloss Moisture Sticks to be complete garbage! It was like dragging a candle or a crayon across my lips!

    1. You must be referring to the first edition when they where in the slim sticks. Those definitely dried out and were hard to put on, but the Moisture Sticks in the portly tubes that replaced them were much smoother and melted on the lips with a cool gel texture. Hopefully you didn't miss out on those!


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