Moon Rock Candy

The moody and mysterious Moon Rock Candy Lip Smacker was one of the more beguiling offerings in the Cosmic Lips line premiering in 1998. Moon Rock Candy was another Bonne Bell first being the first ever rock candy flavored lip product in existence.

The deeply alluring, shimmering silver tube features with the matching sparkling label was one of Moon Rock Candy's many mesmerizing attributes. Most seem to remember the tint Moon Rock Candy gave your lips if you layered it. It was the quintessential, moonlit millennium mouth. A slightly silvery, frosted spacey sheen that was trendy in the late 90's and early 00's. I had a friend who had a much deeper complexion and lip tone than myself and this made her lips a gorgeous mauve color that she always received compliments on.

Moon Rock Candy's flavor is also out of this world! Definitely one of Bonne Bell's more complex formulas with many mysterious layers. It smells sugary like rock candy but also has other layers that change it to something of more magical depth. It's really hard to pinpoint the exact layers in this but intriguing nonetheless.

Moon Rock Candy label variations (front)

Moon Rock Candy saw a label change post Cosmic fame, in 2004, when the line evolved into the Super Star Shine series and was renamed simply, Rock Candy.

Moon Rock Candy label variations (back)

Moon Rock Candy made one final and surprising appearance in the 1990's decade trio right before Bonne Bell sold, in very early 2015. This was also the first and only time they used multi colors in the newest Lip Smacker, post block letters, logo. The trio also featured Orange Sh-Orbit and Stellar Strawberry but admittedly none of them smelled like their original formulas at all. This Moon Rock Candy lacks the mystery of the original and but has a more evident sugary rock candy flavor.

2015 Moon Rock Candy 

Moon Rock Candy even had a Cosmic Cheeks glitter gel that was scented like its namesake and gave the face and body exceptional sparkles. The flavor became an icon and Moon Rock Candy got her own Smackersville character along with her sweet Husky dog Starberry.


  1. Someone please find the moon rock candy recipe and send me some i need it I miss it! Would bring back so many memories!!!

    1. I would LOVE for this to be brought back !! I don’t wear lipstick , do wear lots of gloss and tinted lip balm! This was by far my favorite ! I wore it for years !

  2. There is some on Ebay and Mercari, but its insanely priced.


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